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Recent content by gortonboy

  1. gortonboy

    Military uniforms ca 1910?

    2nd Dragoons/Scots greys not tartan...its the van dyke pattern,,,although the stripe on the pants should be white,,,,so might be another regiment.
  2. gortonboy

    The things you find

    Hi All....realised i could upgrade my sub on FMP and get full world membership for an extra £12,,,,so i did :) Had a look for my gg grandad in the Irish records and he popped up in the court petty sessions....once for making illegal spirits {poteen) in his house....twice for being drunk and...
  3. gortonboy

    Free acess to US census

    With the completion of the 1940 census index we now have more than 713 million U.S. Federal Census records online and fully searchable from 1790 through 1940. From August 29th through September 3rd, Ancestry.com is opening all of its U.S. census records – FREE. Share this info with all your...
  4. gortonboy

    1911 census free on Ancestry at the moment

    just noticed the 1911 census is available free on Ancestry at the moment. You dont need a subscription,just join the site. Dont know how long its free for~? :)
  5. gortonboy

    Marriage hunt

    Hi all,as some of you know,I will be travellling to Ireland soon...and I planned on visiting Kells in County Meath,the birthplace of my gt grandfather Philip Smith. However..I have no clue as to anything about his life in Ireland except that he was born there in 1884 {according to the UK 1911...
  6. gortonboy

    Please sign the e-petition

    Hi,,,there is an e-petition on the Lancashire BMD site regarding the cost of ordering certificates,,if you agree with the petition,can you please sign it,,,cheers http://www.lancashirebmd.org.uk/ Research Copies for Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates for Genealogical Research Purposes...
  7. gortonboy

    Im so excited !!!

    Hi All....Just wanted to share my good news,,,,i never thought i would get to realise one of my "Things to do before you die",,which was to travel to Ireland. Being a working class lad,all my wages are spent by the end of the month and i have no savings,so to get to Ireland i would have to have...
  8. gortonboy

    Blimey,,its quiet in here :}

    I notice that there always seems to over 50 guests viewing the site at any one time,,,,,Come on in,,,,the waters lovely !!!!!:2fun:
  9. gortonboy

    Jane Sophia Smethurst in 1861 & 1871 census???

    Jane Sophia Smethurst in 1861 & 1871 census??? COMPLETED Hi Folks,,,not often im totally stumped,,but i cannot find this lady in the 1861 or 1871 census Jane Sophia Smethurst marries Arthur Henry Bury in 1880 in Gorton,Manchester, I found a christening in 1858 at Christ...
  10. gortonboy

    New Merchant Navy records released

    Hi,,,I have just noticed that FMP have just released some Merchant Navy records....i had a look on another site for people looking for rellies in the Merchant navy and found a query from 2009,,,i messaged the poster to inform her about the records because i had already looked at the record in...
  11. gortonboy

    British Iraq War medal

    Hi All..I have just come home from the carboot with what looks like to me to be the British 2003 operation Telic Iraq War medal !! After a bit of googling,i can see it has the correct ribbon,,the correct box and has the number,rank,name and regiment inscribed on the rim. So,it looks genuine to...
  12. gortonboy

    Addicted !!!

    I found an old small and battered family bible at the carboot today. I had to buy it ,,,,guess im a real family history saddo The bible has the usual names and dates written inside it,,,and when i saw the old faded ink,,and the way it had been obviously handed down the family,,,i had to spend...
  13. gortonboy

    Tracing my second cousin

    Hi,,,first time on this board,,,,i am trying to trace my rellies in Australia,,,the info i have is as follows Nora Mchale b 1937 in Manchester,England,,,married an Edward Lee in 1958 in Manchester. At some point she emigrated to Australia,probably in the late 60s or early seventies. Thats all i...
  14. gortonboy

    Findmypast problem?

    Anyone else having problems logging in to FMP? I know they were supposed to be doing maintainance this morning,,,but i cant log in?? :'(