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Recent content by Guy

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    The Exponential Age ?

    I don't know Gibbo, I never wore any. ;) Cheers Guy PS I have just done a Google search and apparently they were made of a cellulose fabric and were made between 1966 and 1968. At the height of demand, Mars Hosiery, one of the manufacturers made 100,000 dresses a week.
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    The Exponential Age ?

    While what you say are possibilities they are not definitely the future. Back in the 1950s we were told that we would soon all be using flying cars. The technology is here but where are the flying cars? In the 60s we were told the moon would by 2000 would be a staging post to holidays in space...
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    Trees on Ancestry?

    The terms and conditions show you the answer is very simple. You own your own records. At the same time by uploading the information to an Ancestry site you have licensed them to use that information in anyway they choose. Or to put it another way, you own the records but you...
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    GRO - PDF Pilot files.

    Take a look here http://anguline.co.uk/cert/uncertified.html Cheers Guy
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    Two sets of parents for one child ?

    You have obviously done what I was going to suggest, Dave browse the register for earlier or later baptisms for other children born to the named parents. Cheers Guy
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    Who's good at finding correct people from 1800's to 1600's

    It is comparatively easy to carry a line back from 1837 to 1538 (or rather the start of existing parish registers in the parish of interest). Unfortunately since the advent of the internet newer researchers have not developed the search techniques which older researchers were forced to...
  7. G

    New GRO search successes so far?

    I don't think you really want to order any from Pilot 2 they will cost £45 but you will get them in three hours! Pilot 3 will cost £8 but these will be for records not yet digitised and I am not sure if it will be possible to order already digitised records as PDFs during this pilot. Be safe...
  8. G

    New GRO search successes so far?

    The legislation that governs the fees charge for the production of PDFs (in these pilots and later ) is The Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships Records Regulations 2016. S.I. 980, 2016 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2016/980/contents/made “Fees 6.—(1) The fee for a...
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    New GRO search successes so far?

    Pilot 3 will include marriages but the price goes up to £8 per PDF as they need to be scanned individually. Cheers Guy
  10. G

    New GRO search successes so far?

    Yes the age in days, weeks or months is returned as an age in years rather than the suggested on the GRO site 0 years. The GRO have been notified of the problem. Cheers Guy
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    Why is Henry called Harry!

    The simple answer is because they can. A more complex answer is down to the vagaries of the law in England & Wales, a person's "legal" name is the name they use at the time. It is not the name they were born with (which is why early birth registers did not record a surname for the child). This...
  12. G

    Why is Henry called Harry!

    Harry has been used since at least Shakespeare's time ( 1598 ) as a nickname for Henry. Viz. Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!' (Henry V Act III) Cheers Guy
  13. G

    Car Hire 1947?

    Have you looked in trade directories and local newspapers? These may further details and advertisements for the business. Cheers Guy
  14. G

    New GRO Search feature.

    Very possibly but I think you are missing the point of the new index, it has been compiled to allow the purchase of uncertified copies of register entries. ;) There will be a limited trial of this service (uncertified copies of register entries) from the 9th of this month for three weeks or...
  15. G

    uncertified PDF copies of entries in the birth and death indexes

    For more details see http://anguline.co.uk/ohrn.html Cheers Guy