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Recent content by Guy

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    uncertified PDF copies of entries in the birth and death indexes

    For more details see http://anguline.co.uk/ohrn.html Cheers Guy
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    Certificates for £3

    Perhaps a little ambitious but progress is being attempted. A member of the House of Lords Baroness Scott of Needham Market put forward an amendment to the Deregulation Bill, on the 15th November 2014. Full text at http://tinyurl.com/pns68nl The amendment highlighting the need to make birth...
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    Scottish Association of FHS 25th Annual Conference & Family History Fair

    Saturday, 26 April 2014 - SAFHS 25th Annual Conference & Family History Fair Carnegie Conference & Business Centre, Halbeath Road, Dunfermline, Fife. KY11 8DY 09.30 am to 4.45 pm Be there or be square! If you are there call by the Anguline stand and say hello. Cheers Guy
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    Updating Tombstones and Monumental Inscriptions website

    At last I have finally managed to gain access to my Tombstones and Monumental Inscriptions website. Rather than update the old site and perhaps lose access again I have relocated the site to a new server at http://www.burial-inscriptions.co.uk/ I am now checking and updating all the...
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    100 year rule census

    Very often when people mention the 100 year rule for access to census someone claims it was imposed because people were assured it would be closed for 100 years. WRONG ! There never was a 100 year privacy commitment that is simply a myth. The 100 year closure rule was created in 1966 by the...
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    Campaign to Open Historic Registers

    There is now a petition online at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/62779 Please sign this petition and share the url with your friends and contacts Apathy will destroy any chance of success. These registers are your heritage. They are archived...
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    Certificates from Superintendent Registrars

    Have any forum members had their request for a certificate from a superintendent registrar refused? I have heard that some city offices refuse to issue certificates for family history purposes referring the applicant to the GRO and would like to ascertain whether this is true or simply urban...
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    Reserved Occupations

    Someone asked about Reserved Occupations on a forum recently but I can't remember which of the many forums I subscribe to hosted it. In case it was FamilyHistory UK I am posting this reply I have today added a free download to the Anguline site containing the booklet Schedule of Reserved...
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    End of the world

    It has come to my notice that a number of people were worried that the world would end today. Let me reassure you that I have done a number of incantations (and sung a song) to prevent this happening. Being generous I have done this free of charge (to prove it works) but next time there will be...
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    Stillbirths help needed

    I am at present compiling The Historic Stillbirth Register (covering the years 1551 to 2005). I would appreciate any help with, or leads to stillbirth records that anyone has. Stillbirths are often recorded in Parish Registers. Cheers Guy
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    Open Historic Registers Now

    A review, chaired by Paul Dacre of the 30 year rule, recommended that it be reduced to 15 years in its report January 2009. In his submission to the review Anthony Camp, M.B.E. suggested that all historic records of Birth, Marriage and Death be made open to the Public. It is high time...
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    Access to the 1921 Census

    Access to the 1921 census In times of economic stress such as these the government might be open to any idea that could generate useful revenue and the 1921 census is one such project. A way to generate income, provide jobs and boost the economy all at the same time without making cuts. Such...
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    Need to find death records for my father cousin

    Regards to everyone, I am looking for information on a cousin of my father. He had been with us before long who died aged 48 in Dallas, Texas. I got this information from the family bible. I am looking to find his death records that can help to clear some of the disputed matters in our family...
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    Hello from Guy

    Hello, though I am new to this forum I am not new to forums and mailing lists in general. I became interested in family history as an infant when my mum gave me a book written by my grandfather detailing the GUY family history. My early research involved visiting archives, record offices and...