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    Great-grandmother:Missing from Census 1901 and 1911

    Hi Will do a little time line to explain. Mary Jane Cordall: 1886 (j-s) Born, East Retford, North Notts 1891 In Census, living with family, East Retford 04.03.1906 Marriage to Frank Spittlehouse, East Retford 1906 Has child Madge Spittlehouse, East Retford 1921...
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    Name on Death Certificate

    Thank you for your response, I agree yes it would. It also stated an address on her death certificate 'Frank Spittlehouse of Bond Street, Burton upon Trent' when she had previously lived with my great-grandfather of Rupert Street, Nottingham. Very odd.
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    Name on Death Certificate

    Hi Sue, Thanks for responding, I know it was definately Frank Spittlehouse marriage in 1906 when he married my great grandmother as have the certificate. I have just never found a death, but will check out latter day saints (thank you). It is a tricky one as my great grandmother went on to...
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    Great-grandmother:Missing from Census 1901 and 1911

    Mary Jane Spittlehouse (formerly Cordall) is missing from the above two census in the 1901 she was a Cordall and not living with her family as 10 years previous and in 1911 she is a Spittlehouse and not in the same house as her husband (whom she married in 1906) and his family neither is she...
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    Name on Death Certificate

    My great-grandmother Mary Jane Spittlehouse died 29/20/1926. On her death certificate it does say 'wife of Frank Spittlehouse' off ...Burton on Trent. My question is that if Frank Spittlehouse was dead, which I am unsure of as no death cert but was in Sherwood Forresters, WW1, would it say...
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    Hi, I am a medical secretary and have a two year old little boy. When not working and spending time with my little man I enjoy keeping fit, reading and geneology. I have been interested in family history for about 8 years, particularly concentrating on my late grandmother's parents (my...
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    Researching great-grandparents lives...

    Hi, new to this site and wondered if anyone could help please. Have been researching my late grandmother's parents partially because both her and her sister were adopted around 1924. Father William Keyte, mother Mary Jane Spittlehouse. I have birth, marriage and death certs for them both...