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Recent content by Hawkeye

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    Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk

    I just wanted to add that this site is constantly bring updated, so if the parishes you are interested in are not yet filled in - please try later! I am the OPC for Aspull and I am (slowly) working my way through the parish records, one by one. They are always looking for volunteers - everything...
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    Re: Joseph Growden

    Re: Joseph Growden Hi Jan, I don't think he dies or disappears in that time, although it looks as though he isnt on the 1851 census... I think I have found him and wife Florence on the 1861 census: Emma Jane Growden 13 Florance Growden 69 Joseph Growden 67 On the 1851 census, Florence...
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    Hello Everybody.

    Hello and welcome! Hopefully you will make contact with someone looking for the same folks as you are. Best of luck with your research. Hawkeye.
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    Hello from rhondda Valleys Wales

    Welcome, hopefully you will find someone here who can help with any questions you might have. Best of luck with your research. Hawkeye.
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    Hello from the state of Missouri in the USA

    Hi Annette and welcome! you sound like you had a great time over here during your recent visit. Feel free to post any specific questions in the relevant forum. Hawkeye.
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    Woodwards from Canterbury

    Hi Jackia, have you tried the family History Society? http://www.canterburykfhs.co.uk/ I have found fhs to be very useful when looking for a particular famiy, in a particular area. Best of luck with your research, Hawkeye.
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    Burdis - Surname

    Hi James, have you tried Rootsweb? http://rsl.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/rslsql.cgi?op=search&type=Surname&surname=burdis came up with the following: Surname From To Migration Submitter Comment Burdis 1650 2003 NBL, ENG leebie Burdis 1650 2003 DUR, ENG leebie Burdis 1700 2001 Tyne & wear ahpen...
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    looking for info on evetts and bishops

    Hi Debra, I've had a quick look at the BMD for 1986 and years around and have found Vera May Bishop born 15 jun 1906, died oct 1987 aged 81, in the district of Surrey South Western. If you want to order the certificate the reference is vol 17 page 1144. I can't see anything for Bill Evett I'm...
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    Hi MidnightStar and welcome, please feel free to post any questions in the relevant section and I'm sure you'll find someone who can help. Best of luck with your research, Hawkeye.
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    Hi there Casarticus and welcome! Please feel free to post any specific questions you may have in the appropriate section. Best of luck with your research. Hawkeye.
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    H Fizz and welcome. If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to post in the relevant sections. Someone will be sure to offer help! Best of luck with your research. Hawkeye.
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    Hi Liz, welcome I have a bit of experience with ScotlandsPeople. It is very comprehensive - but unfortunately not cheap!:( You have to buy a bank of credits, which then last for a period of time. The thing I find particularly annoying is that they charge to even view a list of search results...
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    gordon wants to meet friends

    Hi Gordon, funnily enough I have helped my husband's aunt with her tree and she has Perks in there. Her branch is from the West Midlands - Wolverhampton I think? And they had Mormon connections too. Any connections do you think? Hawkeye.
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    Hi from Tameside

    Hi Dee, you are welcome ! If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask - we are a friendly bunch! Hawkeye.
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    finding ancestors

    Thanks Julie, definitely looked more like Onions than Owens anyway! :biggrin: Hawkeye.