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Recent content by hazell

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    Great grandfather's war medals

    You definitely found him! Thank you. I have no pre-war knowledge of John but on return from the war he went to work on the railways. At least later he was at Piccadilly Station. I recall many conversations including "when we lived in Coral Street". Martha was Martha Constance Howe and was...
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    Great grandfather's war medals

    I would like to get any service medals for John Henry Leigh ...June 1897-Dec 1974, spouse Martha Constance Howe ... m May 1922, to give to my grandson. John served overseas in WW1 in the army. He worked with horses but I have no further details. He only talked about how seasick he got. He was...
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    Coster Tree

    I am seeking conformation of the ancestors of JOSEPH COSTER (born in 1803 in Benson Oxford Shire). Is Joseph Coster the son of Alice Witchlow and William Coster? I already have documented evidence of Joseph and his descendent's down to myself...
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    Parents of Joseph Coster. Who are they?

    Hi Steve, Thanks for all the help. I'll get that entered and try to move on. You guys at FHUK never fail to amaze me. It is just so good. Thank you. Doreen (Hazell)
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    Parents of Joseph Coster. Who are they?

    Thanks heaps Dave. We really appreciate your help. We were so stuck. Doreen. (Hazell)
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    Parents of Joseph Coster. Who are they?

    For absolutely ages we have been unable to find out when and where Joseph was born and who his parents were. So here is some information to go with a plea for help. Joseph Coster. b. ? m. 9 Jan 1825 in Oxford, UK - to Mary Ann Wiggins. d.1832 in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, UK. He had a...
  7. H

    Is William Kemp OUR William Kemp

    Sorry I can't help. I don't recall any William Kemp married to a Daisy Kemp. These William Kemps are a problem aren't they? I'm still working on my William Kemp and if I see anything likely I'll let you know. Good luck.
  8. H

    Adeline Victoria Smith (nee Matheson)

    Re Sydney, NSW, Australia. Is the Adeline who married George William Harris Smith in 1908 and had five children, Adeline, George, Arthur 1910, Leonard 1912 and John1915, the same person who married Frederick Harry Vincent Eades in 1918 and had Alan Vincent Stanley in 1918? Was there a divorce...
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    Seasons Greetings

    Logged in to wish everyone a happy Christmas - then couldn't find the 'start a new thread'. Never mind. A Christmas wish for all. May you have a festive season filled with peace and joy and may the coming year be happy and successful. Doreen.
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    George William Harris Smith

    Hi Dave, There seem to be two Johns One was Len's biological brother, the one you have kindly sent information about. I think the John (Jack) I am looking for has a different surname. I was told he was legally adopted by the couple who took Len in. I have seen accounts still bearing the...
  11. H

    George William Harris Smith

    Too right! I've been wracking my brain to remember the surname of Len's 'adoptive' family. He always referred to them as Mom and Pop. I believe they legally adopted Jack, and Len joined the family years later. It was a long shot to think that Jack whoever could have been Len's biological...
  12. H

    George William Harris Smith

    Hi crankypants, Thanks again for all your help. With the electoral role for 1936 showing Len at 63 Undercliffe Street and the 1943 electoral role showing him at 11 Bydown Street, I think this has narrowed the potential dates for the attack to between these dates. Probably earlier rather than...
  13. H

    George William Harris Smith

    Hi Crankypants, Thanks for all the information. I've certainly had to rethink my ideas on the family. I'm writing a biography on Leonard Harold O'Connor Smith and need his family background. I had no idea he had brothers and a sister. A handwritten note on Len's Defence Service Records...
  14. H

    George William Harris Smith

    Thank you. All information gladly received. Doreen.
  15. H

    George William Harris Smith

    Born about 1894 possibly in Nicholson near Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia. Served 4th Light Horse in WW1 Died during WW2 I am looking for criminal records for attempted rape and assault, most probably during the twenties. At this time he lived in Neutral Bay, Sydney. His wife was Adeline...