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Recent content by Hearnan

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    Help needed - I'm confused - Manley

    Hi all, Thank you for your replies. The witnesses at Sarah and Edwards Wedding is Mary Ann Hitchcock and Robert Reef or Reet. I have looked into this but can find nothing concrete yet. Looking at their children, their first child was called Sarah who died at 3, then they had George (George &...
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    Help needed - I'm confused - Manley

    Hi Amanda, I think I've been confused by other peoples trees that have Edward Manley's father as Thomas Wheeler. All the census records for him say he was born in Southwark or Bermondsey (which is the I believe is the same region) I suppose I'm trying to find something more concrete of his...
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    Help needed - I'm confused - Manley

    Hello, Thank you for your reply. Yes that is the Edward Manley I'm looking for. I just cannot get back any further than the two christenings. That both seem to be him. I have contacted people who's have the same branch of tree and they can't work it out either. It's a mystery that I...
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    Help needed - I'm confused - Manley

    Hi all, Could anyone clarify the following confusing information I have for a gggg grandfather pls. I've been researching my tree for quite a few years but I can't work out which is the correct information. I have two baptism records for EDWARD MANLEY 1st one Edward Manley born 6th December...