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Recent content by hlouisew

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    Little/Greater Brickhill

    Hi All. I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand with some relatives I believe to have lived in either of the Brickhills. I am looking for a long time elusive relative Daniel Johnson bc. 1822. I think I have him living in Ham Surrey in 1841 with 3 other Johnsons: James (bc.1791)...
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    John Rich (Wilstshire)

    Hi All. I've been researching my 'Rich' ancestors. I'm desperately trying to find some birth details for John Rich (b c.1757 Christian Malford or Dauntsey - Wiltshire ) (d. 1837 - Christian Malford) he married Anne Pinnegar in 1782. I'm pretty sure his grandparents were Charles Rich (d.1759) &...
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    'Le Gros'

    Hi all, hope you are well. I wonder if anybody could shed some light on something for me. In my Bisson branch of the family my 4 x great Grandfather John Bisson (1800 - BEF 1881) as well as his family were known as Le Gros Bisson on some of his channel island censuses. Now I know Le Gros means...
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    Online Parish Clerks

    Hi All, Hope we are all doing well! I've been using Cornwall's On-line Parish Clerk website and have managed to trace some of my Husband's family back to the 1500's. I unfortunately do not have Cornish relatives and so am feeling a little left out. I wonder does anybody know of any other...
  5. H


    Hi all, hope you are all well. I am researching my ancestor James Atwell (b 1820 in Nailsea d. Abergavenny 1889) I know he married an Ann around 1840-1841. The only marriage I can find for a James Attwell is with an Ann Vizard in 1841 in Bath. This is where the confusion starts. Firstly is this...
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    Richard Bilkey

    Hi everyone, hope we're all ok. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with a brick wall I'm facing. I'm trying to go further back on my Bilkey ancestors. I've got as far as Richard Bilkey (1804-1869) who was born in Newlyn East. I'm trying to find his parents and more information on his...
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    Melinda Bilkey 'Mennear'

    Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone could help me find a death date for Melinda Bilkey nee Mennear. She was born in c.1842 in St Dennis and married Thomas Basley Bilkey in 1865. I know she was alive in 1901 and according to the 1911 census Thomas is a widower living with his son. Her son went to...
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    Understanding London Electoral Rolls

    Hi. I'm trying to find my Dad's real Father; William Wright. Unfortunately I have the worst time period to find information in that it's the 1930's All I have is a name and where my Gran lived at the time she was pregnant. I've been scouring the electoral rolls around the area my Gran lived and...
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    English Courts

    Hi. I'm trying to find my Dad's real Dad. We don't have much info to work with but one thing I do know is that he had to pay my Grandmother a certain amount of money each week. I'm hoping to find the relevant court records but have no idea where to start. Does anybody know what type of Courts...
  10. H

    William 'Bill' Wright - long lost Grandad

    Hi. I have absolutely no hope that I will get anywhere with this search. I'm looking for my Dad's real Dad. My Dad has never been interested in him and has adopted Herbert Garwood his step father as his Dad. The only info I have is as follows. He was called William Wright 'Bill' I'd put his...
  11. H

    John William Binks

    Hi, I'm trying to find info out on a John William Binks. 1834 - 1884. All I know was he was a fisherman and he died on the Isle of Man in 1884. I can only find him and his wife Sarah in the 1881 Isle of Man census. It gives no birthplace for either of them apart from England ( although I later...
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    Diverus/Divers as a forename

    I have found a family tradition of the name Diverus in one branch of my family. It seems such an unusual name. I was wondering if anyone else had relatives with this name, or had any idea where it may have come from?
  13. H


    I'm not sure being a traveller is actually an occupation, but as my ancestor classed himself as a traveller on one of his children's baptism records maybe it is. I long heard rumours that I had traveller roots and upon further research it would appear I did. I wonder if my ancestors The...
  14. H

    Hello everyone.

    Hi. Although I've been researching my family tree for almost a year now, this my first foray into forums. I'm researching both mine and my husband's family trees ( I must be a glutton for punishment) I've done some good groundwork but want to find out more than just dates of birth, marriages...
  15. H


    Hi. I'm new to this site so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. I have been doing both mine and my husband's family trees for about 9 months now. I have found the basic core of both trees and am now trying to flesh my relatives lives out a little. I have found a few of my relatives...