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Recent content by Hogan

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    Who's on line

    Ha Ha Love it :p Im Honoured :)
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    Who's on line

    Woo Hoo its back. Tried to log in a few times and saw I had no access. I thought you had gone off me already lol :p
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    Hi Denise WW1 will hook you. Very emotional at times. Good Luck Ant
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    Database of Doomsday Book 1086AD

    Very interesting that.
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    1891 and 1901 Census, living at 43 Brasenose Road, Bootle, Liverpool James Owens, born abt 1840 Roscommon, Ireland. Wife Ellen ( unknown surname ) born abt 1844 Dublin. All I have on him. I found one record that may be him from a place named Strokestown. But again cannot be certain. Possible...
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    Sorry but im none the wiser where they where in Ireland? I tried looking a couple of years back but it came to nothing. So hard to research in Ireland. Ive now decided to look again. Though more in hope than anything else. Ant
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    I dont know sorry? just census records for my ancestor in Liverpool that say born Roscommon Ireland.
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    Ha Ha everyone on my dads side comes from Ireland. Although my success there is very limited. I have them in Galway, Roscommon and Dublin. Ant
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    Liverpool War Memorials

    Thanks Steve :) Ant
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    Liverpool Remembered

    http://liverpoolremembrance.weebly.com/ A project that myself and a friend have put together. Anyone with relatives from Liverpool or the surrounding areas that lived/served/worked during either of the world wars can add their stories. cheers Ant
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    Liverpool War Memorials

    Hi All I was going to post this later. As ive just joined I dont want to make out im advertising. Anyone with ancestors from Liverpool may find these sites of use. These are 4 memorials in Liverpool that I have been researching. Im still updating them all the time...
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    How many of your ancestors served in WW1?

    My two Great Grandfathers both died during WW1. I know of two great uncles that served. one was injured badly in his leg.
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    Thank You for the help Ok My John Peter Johnson married Jane Quick 28th September 1869 St Barnabas Church, Toxteth Park. In 1891 and 1881 he is a Labourer ( probably at Docks ) I can not be certain on earlier census for him. I have one possible that also list his father as John, born Sweden...
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    Thank you Steve Very interesting that. I Have always laughed to my wife that I may have Spanish Heratige because of the Carlos name..Seems it may be true somewhere along the line. Ant
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    Hi all My GGG Grandmother. Her surname was CARLOS. She was born in Galway Ireland. Is this a Spanish Surname? I read that the name Carlos was big in Galway at one time. Was it a place Spanish settled in? Cheers Ant