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Recent content by Hugo Donnachie

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    John Giggens c1850

    Could Giggins appear elsewhere as Biggins? Just a thought.
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    Historical Directories

    Thanks for the reference. I have put it into favourites as it could come in useful some day. Hugo
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    Open Office Importing Data to Database

    THAT problem solved. It is a simple cut and paste from the spreadsheet. Except I get a message saying I don't have permission to add data to the table in the database! Some more digging to do. Hugo
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    Open Office Importing Data to Database

    How do I transfer a table in Writer to the Open Office database? I can, and have, put the data into the OO spreadsheet; but I cannot bridge the gap to the database. I can do thie equivalent quite happily in MS Office but I am trying to egt used to Open Office. In both cases , the database...
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    Hi Laxdoc, I don't know which company you are looking at for DNA testing but it does sound suspect. Through my Clan society I was directed to FTDNA which not only has a large database of individual records but is also linked to an American university. The TFDNA website also has a lot of...
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    Time Machine-What ancestor would you like to meet?

    Like most people, I would like to go back and meet my most remote ancestors in my paternal and maternal lines and ask what part of Ireland they came from and what they knew about their ancestors. Oh, if only! Hugo
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    Members Please Read

    If I am guilty, although I don't think I am on this site, then I apologize. I am not deliberately discourteous but my memory does give me problems. Hugo
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    nurse family, yorkshire, deaths

    Have you considered Nursey as a possible variant? Hugo
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    Further thought. Have you looked at http://www.odonoghue.co.uk/guests/history/names.php This is not directly answering your question but may provide some pointers. Good luck, Hugo
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    Hi Alan, Have you looked at http://heraldry.celticradio.net/search.php?id=113&branch=Donougher I have not gone further than finding and glancing at it. Regards, Hugo
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    How many towns called Derry?

    Hello John, Sorry about the delay in replying but somehow I missed your last post. As my only pointers come from the Scottish census (what is the plural of census?) which give place of birth as Derry, Ireland for Barney and his children then it is probably Derry county that is referred to...
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    Picking your brains !!!

    " . . he was electocuted, resulting in serious injury. " My guess is that there would be a hospital record and a tram company record. There might also be a Police record.
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    Family Tree Entries

    Greetings Elanter, I have no words of advice, I only want to say thank you; I thought I had problems! Hugo
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    Family statistics

    An interesting use of our data. Is there an accepted way of coping with people where there is no date of death? This becomes important if there are many loose ends in your tree. I don't know where to turn to for overall guidance on this.
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    Discussion -Census Returns

    "Ms Harman: The 1911 census returns are in the custody of the National Archives, . ." How many National Archives are there? I have always thought the National Archives of Scotland were separate from the National Archives of England, I do not know the position of Ireland and Wales.