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Recent content by ibsearching

  1. ibsearching

    I just dont seem to be able to find!!

    Right I have been really having a hard time with this one, I have been sent a page of someones generation chart...... Joseph married sarah smith ( born Lichfield, daughter of Thomas Smith, Pub owner) Sarah Smith worked at workhouse in middlesbrough and remarried Emil Orth a swiss sailer...
  2. ibsearching

    William Stanley or Stanley William

    I know its been a while, but just incase anyone reads these posts in there search. William Chalmers Blenkarn married Julia Ellen Wilkinson on 22 sept 1877 in Hackney. He then married Mary Bennett on 21 march 1901. Brighton. I have a copy of this cert. He is listed on their wedding cert as...
  3. ibsearching

    William Stanley or Stanley William

    ok re read post and I think we came up with Mary been her middle name but why would she use it on a birth record?
  4. ibsearching

    William Stanley or Stanley William

    Hi x :) I have a Certified Copy Of William Stanley Blenkarne birth cert, It arrived this morning! And as ever I have a few questions ( pain in the bum arnt I ) Copy Father William Blenkarne - my tree William Charlmers Blenkarne will he have just left his middle name out? Copy 1887...
  5. ibsearching

    Crashing FTM - Help!!

    Hi x :) :) Thank you for your reply's :) But i can report the problem is nothing to do with size of trees or memory. I got in touch with A***try they emailed me with a way of deleteing all files off my laptop rather than the standered uninstall. I must also say that it did solve a problem as...
  6. ibsearching

    England, here I come.

    Have a fantastic time x Look forward to seeing the photos x Ib x
  7. ibsearching

    Crashing FTM - Help!!

    :) Hi Just wondered if anyone could help me, I have been trying to resolve this problem all day and have had no luck. I have FTM installed on my laptop, it has been working fine without a problem then out of the blue a problem! I can load my tree but when I try to merge the program just...
  8. ibsearching

    William Malthouse

    Thank you dave x :)
  9. ibsearching

    William Malthouse

    Hi everyone x I was just wondering if anyone could help me find out if my William born 1824 Osgathorpe was married twice. I have him married to Ann Pickering in 1842 I have him as having 4 children William 1847 Joseph T 1854 Martha Jane 1856 Alfred John 1859 I have found another persons...
  10. ibsearching

    Army records

    Good Luck! :) ib xx
  11. ibsearching

    Could use a little help ;)

    Hiya x sorry I have only just logged on for today been out for the day.:) I have not had chance to read all the posts yet but a few things I scan read off them....... is it possible the children are not belonging to Alfred Elstone Blenkarn and Annie Peart....... this is one thing I had thought...
  12. ibsearching

    Could use a little help ;)

    Cheers steve :biggrin: 1 down 1 to go lol x im still not having any luck, you must have a good resource lol x Thank you again x IB:)
  13. ibsearching

    Could use a little help ;)

    I have frederick as been born in Tottenham. Just England for the other x i have not had any luck lol x Thank you for trying for me x IB :)
  14. ibsearching

    Could use a little help ;)

    Hiya,:) Im looking fo a little help with birth records for Margaret Blenkarn (poss middle name Rose) Year of birth 1881 Frederick Blenkarn both born England Parents are listed as Alfred Elston Blenkarn & Annie Peart. I...
  15. ibsearching

    Australian Marriages

    Hiya Dave thank you for that pm x:) Could you help me out with The death event for Horace Wm..... Says his Dad Was alfred Stanley but I belive this is his brothers name. His Dad I belive was Alfred Elston . Has his mum right as Annie Peart xx. Do you think it is just a mix up?? I also could...