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Recent content by inxight58

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    Verdan Henry Darker

    Thank you to all for the information
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    Verdan Henry Darker

    Hi All I am hoping some one can help me out there. I had a great uncle called Verdan Henry Darker who was born in Redbourne Lincolnshire in about 1917. And he married a women called Maud Alice Twidale in about 1927. Now this would make him only 10, this cant be right. I am not sure if i have got...
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    Henry King

    Good Evening everyone. Well i have got so far with my family tree and now seem to be banging my head against a brick wall. I am looking for a Henry King that was born between 1806 - 1809, he was born in Crawley Oxfordshire. Can anyone help please.
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    Edith Mary Copper

    Edith Copper is my nan. I know she was born in about 1911 in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire and married a Thomas William Waite. She was born on the 5th November and married Thomas in 1935. I would like to know if she was christened and where. Also the date she died. I have ask my mum (thats Edith...
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    Elizabeth Pike

    I have just found my great great great nan called Elizabeth Pike. I know she was born in 1801, born in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire. And that in 1881 she lived in Hartfordbridge, Hampshire. As far as i know she had one daughter called Eliza born in 1835. Now i cant find anything more about...
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    Darker Family

    Verdon Henry Darker Am not sure if his name was victor henry or verdon henry but i know he was born in 1908 at barton on humber. What im looking for is his death and if he married. I also know that in 1911 he was living in Redbourne Lincolnshire with the rest of his family.
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    Darker Family

    Trace Thanks for the info on the family, just a quick question does gson and gdau mean grand children
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    Darker Family

    Woodlander You asked what my grandad's name was and it is Alfred William Darker just like his father.
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    Darker Family

    Hi All I have managed to trace one side of my family with alot of help from the good people on here and i would like to say a big thank you. I would like to now trace the other side of the family. I know that in 1901 they were living at redbourne lincolnshire and that my granddad was born in...
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    John Everritt Waite

    Thanks everyone for all you have done. My grandad was born in 1910 steve.
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    John Everritt Waite

    Hi There I know this is a big ask but am trying to fill in some missing gaps i have about my great grandad and great nan. I know his name was john everitt waite and she maiden name was harriett king. They were married in devizes in wiltshire in about 1892. i am wondering if some could help me...