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Recent content by Irish bluebird

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    Benjamin and Ann Redshaw

    OK Heather, I thought you said you had checked marriage index and anglican registers only. In your search of the registers did you find their childrens bapstisms? This might hold a key to whether they were actually married or not.(given how young they were) Of course they were old enough to...
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    Benjamin and Ann Redshaw

    Hi Heather, As you are in such close proximity to the Records office for South Shields perhaps a visit and a view of Non Conformist registers would be advisable. Good luck!
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    Hi Heather, Im sure I helped you with some of yours in the past......a small world! ;-)
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    DNA - Anybody?

    I believe DNA might hold some curiousity ....but as for genealogy I think its a complete waste of time.
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    Hi , Im In Co Cork Ireland. I have Irish , Welsh and English ancestry. My Welsh ancestry is in the Counties of Glam, Mon, Rad. and Breconshire. English...... Hef. Glos, Worcs. Devon and Somerset. Irish...... Co's. Dublin, Meath and Louth.