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    William Marchant Hodding 1890

    Possibly the Royal Marines Light Infantry. Royal Marines will hold the records for them
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    Henry Shorter - what unit?

    I found this entry - maybe this is your guy and why you couldnt find him details of Natal Afrikaaners convicted of high treason during the Boer War Shorter George Henry Residence : Spectacle Spruit, Newcastle Date :31/10/1900 Crime : High Treason Sentance : 1 years imprisonment and a fine of...
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    Lost medals

    Try these guys - they are amazing and if anyone can find medals they can http://www.britishmedalforum.com/
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    New Boer War Forum

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    Boer War Queries

    Am working on the Bryant query with Brian Kaighan
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    Casualty receords PO Thomas William Hickson

    HICKSON, Thomas William, Stoker Petty Officer, RAN, 7991, RAN Depot, London, (ex-Sydney (RAN)), 9 November 1915, illness
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    M Giblin, Birmingham

    Thomas Giblin married Rose M Brown in Birmingham 1921. Doris born 1927, Thomas born 1925. Couldnt find a listing for the 3rd child. There were 22 Thomas Giblin's in WW1. Hope it helps
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    Payne (Indian Boer War 1886-1902)

    Heres something else of interest - especially the part about the officers wives and children that came from India on the Clive http://www.ladysmithhistory.com/a-to-z/british-regiments/5th-lancers/
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    Payne (Indian Boer War 1886-1902)

    There is a listing for a Captain and Riding Master E Henry Payne with the 5th Lancers in the Boer War. Maybe hes your guy
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    SABIA, 2,807grt, defensively-armed, 24 November 1917, 6 miles SSE from the Lizard, torpedoed without warning and sunk by submarine, 11 lives lost
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    Stuck trying to identify regiment

    Honrable Artillery Company http://www.hac.org.uk/
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    Grant & McConnachie

    Try this site http://libindx.moray.gov.uk/mainmenu.asp
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    Boer War Veteran

    Hi Kerry I have had a look in the Natal Carbineers records and could not find a record of your Taylor. Are you sure it was not the Bushveld Carbineers - who were mostly from Aussies
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    sa boer war

    Hi Sybil Try the Durban Light Infantry on 031 4511796. They do have a historian who can look in the records for you
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    Royal Natal Carbineers

    Hi Chiad and Annie Annie thanks for the Hugh =- I was doubting myself so checked this morning and he was a private - have my Drummonds miuddled up. My email is izabelgerhardt@gmail.com. If you both contact me I can send out the info and photos.