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    Where was Arthur Bird all those years?

    Thanks for that. No I didn't have that info previously because I'm still not convinced that Arthur was my grandfather, except in the official sense (ie my grandmother put his name on Dad's birth certificate because she had married him 15 years earlier and they had not been divorced). That's why...
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    Where was Arthur Bird all those years?

    It is certainly John Street, Ashfield but doesn't give a street number. Why are you asking? Have you found something else about him? Re the newspaper account of the pub brawl, I doubt that is him. I can't imagine he was in the RSL because he didn't get past training when the war ended and it...
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    Where was Arthur Bird all those years?

    Thanks guys. This is fascinating information. It certainly sounds like him because he is listed on most official documents as "fireman", even though he seems to have ceased working as a firemanwhen he was sacked during the great railways strike of 1914. Any ideas if the records of Auburn...
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    Where was Arthur Bird all those years?

    Gibbo Thanks for all of your digging. Yes I have Arthur's birth and death certificates which confirm he has only a single christian name (no "E" middle initial) and that his parents were Henry and Margaret. Unfortunately the informant on the death certificate was merely someone at the hospital...
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    Jeff Bird - mainly tracing old Londoners

    Hi there I am a recently retired resident of Bondi Beach in Sydney and have become an avid family history buff. It seems most of my ancestors lived around London before moving here in the late 19th and early 20th century.The earliest is John Mc Millan (full name William John McMillan) who was...
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    John Allan - what did he do wrong?

    My great grandfather, John Allan, was born into a fairly affluent family in Islington, Middlesex on 9 May 1849. After marrying Sarah Ann Martin in March 1878, he came to Australia, where he eventually died as a penniless alcoholic in 1912. Apparently he was a "remitance man", who was sent money...
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    Where was Arthur Bird all those years?

    My purported grandfather, Arthur Bird (born 13 Sept 1885 in Ashfield) married Nellie Jean Allan in 1909 and my father was born in 1924. However the electoral records don't confirm they were living together during those years. In fact the last official records of Arthur living at the same address...