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Recent content by jmc

  1. J

    Beaumonts from Galway

    Any info please on Albert Beaumont who lived in London whose family were from Galway, Albert lived in London and died in the 60's address at the time was Chelmsford House, Holloway, London Any info appreciated Many Thanks JM
  2. J

    Sullivan family from Cork

    Hi I am trying to find any info at all on my Great Grandmother, her name was Marguerite Sullivan and she was from/ lived in Cork, I know she had a daughter called Rose and she lived in Hoxton in London, she also had 4 sons, Jim, Bill, Clem and Charlie. I have only found out her mother's name...
  3. J

    Marriage cert

    Hi Joyce That sounds like my Grandparents, was there an address for them in Farnham? Thanks you JM
  4. J

    Beaumont, Kingdom, Sullivan

    Hi Joy My names are Albert BEAUMONT, Rose BEAUMONT (his wife) don't recognise your names but my info is very limited, Rose was born in 1891 so Albert would be around that time too. JM
  5. J

    info on Willis please

    Hi Joyce My Grandmother (ROSE WILLIS) married twice, her first married name was Clements, she had 6 children to the first marraige - children I know of Ellen, Albert, Rose, Mary, then she married my Grandfather Albert BEAUMONT - children, Eileen, Evelyn, Ronald. I am really stuck and would like...
  6. J

    info on Willis please

    Hi Joyce It's my Grandmother on my mum's side I am looking for, my mum said she was born in 1898 on 24 th Feb. All I know is she had a brother they called "Clem" possibly short for Clement??? June
  7. J

    info on Willis please

    Hi Could anybody please help with any info on Rose Willis, Born 24th February 1891, London, possibly Kentish Town area. Sorry this is the only info I have. Many Thanks JM
  8. J


    Hi I have posted before for my Grandmother she was not on the 1891 census as she was born in August 1891, I have some more info if anybody could help, what I am trying to find out is where the family may have moved to from their London address. Info I have. Maud Katherine Kingdom Birth Date...
  9. J

    Info on family look ups please

    Hi All Can anybody tell me if it is possible to look up the census 1891 and 1901 free myself or do you have to pay a fee? I have asked others on the site but feel it would be better if I could look myself. Many Thanks JM
  10. J

    Marriage cert

    Hi Joyce Could you tell me where i could view the info on this marriage? It is definately my Grandparents/ Thank you June
  11. J

    Marriage cert

    Thank you Joyce, it sounds like that is the one as my Grandmother did live in Hampshire, I was told it was a place called Ashe but maybe Farnham was the town this is all a little daunting to me at the moment but I will stick with it thanks JM
  12. J

    shale miners?

    Hi Iain Thank you for your interesting reply. Yes you are right, my family lived in West Lothian, the brothers are my Grandfathers younger brothers, they were shale miners, my Grandfather was already in the Army, then James the youngest joined up and Archie continued mining, I was wondering...
  13. J

    Marriage cert

    I am interested in finding detail of marraige between Maud Katherine Kingdom born England, and Donald McLean, born Glasgow, married approximately 1915? Parents of Wife-Ernest Kingdom Parents of Husband - Mary Helen McLean nee Scott and Donald McLean Thank you JM
  14. J

    shale miners?

    Hi My 2 Great uncles were shale miners in Scotland before the WW1 broke out, if anyone has info on what the work was like I would be very interested to know. Thanks JM
  15. J

    1891 cencus Kingdom

    Thank you This is the only info I could find out Maud Katherine Kingdom, it's possible she could be listed as Katherin Maud Kingdom but I doubt it. Birth date August 19th First known address, Peckham, London Fathers name Ernest, police constable Siblings- Ernest brother Ethel sister Ada...