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    Site problems

    me too no probs here, but eventually will have to go Win.10..
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    DNA question

    I got very distant matches, so I suppose you could, right down to 4 cm's?
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    Thank you trace, much obliged. Joan
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    U.K. Merchant Navy Seamen Records Hi fellow members, I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to access UK Merchant Navy Records for 1845-1854? I have found evidence that an ancestor was in the Merchant Navy, and I want to trace his movements whilst he was a seaman. Name. George Nurthen Event...
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    Hi Dave Census 1861, Joseph snr. 52,widower and Joseph jnr. 22, sawyer were living in lodgings in Silsoe Bedfordshire, found nothing on Ellen for 1861 yet. I was interested in this post, because I had a friend here who was researching Ellen Lipscombe in Port Adelaide, South Australia, and...
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    Song Connection

    Streets of Philadelphia- Bruce Springsteen
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    Book Connection

    Wives and Daughters, Elizabeth Gaskell
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    Alexander Rollo Colin Bolton obituary?

    Hello Brian, My research on Rollo, was for a friend, Beverley Russell, who had links to that family. I have forwarded your information to her, she asked me to thank you, and tell you she did not know of his links to Persia, nor has she found an obit yet. But she has this photograph of him...
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    Some transcribers need glasses

    I have recently been a volunteer doing some transcribing. Even though I know what it should read, I cannot put other than what I see. Thems the rules.;) Joan
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    Patmore, in Wollongong 1913 Electoral roll.

    http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hunt-7546 http://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Hunt-Descendants-7546 http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Griffin-4610 Thank you all for the latest information, I have included links to more of the story for Pasclaw, or anyone else, It may be of interest...
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    Occupation help

    pensioner, a stab in the dark though!!:rolleyes:
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    Alexander Rollo Colin Bolton obituary?

    Hi Dennis, No I don't! Sorry. Joan
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    Hello Dennis, I have been assisting Beverley Russell in her research. I have Ancestry...

    Hello Dennis, I have been assisting Beverley Russell in her research. I have Ancestry membership, thought it would be of help. I put it out there to see what eventuates. Thanks Joan.
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    Alexander Rollo Colin Bolton obituary?

    Hi Dennis, I have no connection to Rollo, I am assisting a friend ( Beverley Russell), in her research, I placed this post to see if anyone had access to records any records other than the ones I use. The obituary was to finalise that section. I will pm ( personal message) you...