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Recent content by joaning

  1. joaning

    Site problems

    me too no probs here, but eventually will have to go Win.10..
  2. joaning

    DNA question

    I got very distant matches, so I suppose you could, right down to 4 cm's?
  3. joaning


    Thank you trace, much obliged. Joan
  4. joaning


    U.K. Merchant Navy Seamen Records Hi fellow members, I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to access UK Merchant Navy Records for 1845-1854? I have found evidence that an ancestor was in the Merchant Navy, and I want to trace his movements whilst he was a seaman. Name. George Nurthen Event...
  5. joaning


    :) My wife hosted a dinner party for all our friends, some we hadn’t seen for quite a while, and everyone was encouraged to bring their children as well. All during dinner my wife’s best friend’s four-year-old stared at me sitting across from her. The girl could hardly eat her food for...
  6. joaning

    Alexander Rollo Colin Bolton obituary?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an obituary or similar in any English newspapers, for Alexander Rollo Bolton, was born in Russia in 1900, married 2. Hilda D James in 1972, the son of Arthur William Bolton and Eugenie Zaozersky. Alexander died 25th January 1993.Elmbridge Cranleigh Surrey. I have...
  7. joaning

    Missing death registration of an infant.

    Hello all,:) After much searching I am unable to find a death record for Mary Griffin born January 22nd. 1843 in East Maitland NSW, to Patrick Griffin and Bridget nee Hunt. I recently read on Patrick's death certificate, that Mary was a deceased infant. I had not known about this previously, and...
  8. joaning

    A Mary Ann Griffin/Patmore dilemma.

    Hi genies, me again, with another problem, in 2013 I had a terrific amount of help from various members in sorting out a family that I had difficulties with. My problem now is, an entry on a death certificate. The informant was an elder son. He has put so much info on the certificate, and also...
  9. joaning

    Electoral rolls for NSW 1903-1909

    Hi all, Are electoral rolls between 1906 and 1909, only available for lookups through the main library in NSW? I would like to find the first electoral roll record of George and charlotte Wall, and Henry Joseph and Ada C. Patmore arriving in Wollongong. It will finish off their story. I know...
  10. joaning

    Filling in the missing years.

    Hi Genies,:) I would like to ask how to fill in the missing years for two families. I can't locate them on any site I have access to. I thought maybe electoral rolls?? Any ideas? HENRY JOSEPH & ADA CHARLOTTE (WALL) PATMORE DaveHam9, kindly found him in Newcastle on the Electoral Roll for...
  11. joaning

    Confusing records

    Hi all, I am just getting something off my chest.:( I found a death notice in a Sydney paper dated 15th September 1852, for Hannah Wilkins, died 1st February 1852 in Manchester UK. It was inserted by her sister Eliza Nichols,who lived in NSW. She was a clue to a brick wall for Eliza, I had been...
  12. joaning

    What am I.

    Any idea what this might be?:confused: Thanks for any information.Joan
  13. joaning

    Australia Day

    Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussies, hope you had/have a good day. Joan • The two animals featured on the Australian coat of arms are the Emu and the Kangaroo – the reason for this being that neither animal can walk backwards, but always go forwards...
  14. joaning

    Patmore, in Wollongong 1913 Electoral roll.

    Hi, I hoping some kind person can help me out, I am researching a couple , known as Henry Joseph PATMORE, and his wife Ada Charlotte nee WALL, they married in Paddington NSW, in 1900. His father was Joseph PATMORE. I have limited resources for NSW records. I am hoping find out when they...