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    Hi Joanne,
    Are you having problems using the forums as you have posted your quiries in the visitors messages and not on the forum?
    If you read back through your visitors messages you will see that Davelambert has left some easy to follow instructions for you that may be of some help. Follow these and see how you go with posting then.

    Hi i'm sorry i have not been on here since i signed up but time has just caught up with me and i have been waiting for Birth Certificates but i can't get hold of one and now i'm stuck, his name was William McCorNick born in 1882 in Colvend Scotland this man was my Great Grandfather i have his marriage to Annie Rolfe in 1908 West Derby and then had my Nan, so i do know this is the right person but why cant i fine a Birth?
    Can some one help please this would mean so much to me
    Many thanks for reading and taking time out Joanne :)
    Hi Jo - You OK with finding your way round the site? You haven't given us anything to search for yet.
    If you are looking for living people, ie post 1900, you may wish to send a private message (Visitor messages can be viewed by anyone). To do this you must have made three posts. Just say hello and introduce yourself on the 'Introduce Yourself forum'. Not all members look at these Visitors messages I do hope your shop is a success. Is it a coffee cafe, or do you just sell loose tea/coffee.
    Hi i'm Joanne(Jo), I'm 41years old and in Great Yarmouth Norfolk. I have 3 daughters and 1 of them has just got married.
    I have my own business, well trying to make ago of it, as some days i don't see anyone :(. I have only been doing my family tree for about 3-6 months and i'm finding it HARD, but i'm not giving in. :0)
    Hi Joanne. If you click the heading FHUK Forums in the box (site navigation) at the top left. you will get the listings of the different headings. Look down these and choose the most apt for your question. On the resulting screen at the top left is a box 'Start new thread', click on this, then post your info.
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