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    SPARROW in Portsea/Southsea, Portsmouth

    Derek If you want any of the Portsmouth births confirmed let me know, I can pop over to the central library and look them up for you one weekend. Not sure about Gosport, I don't know if they keep those records in the same place, but I can check it out. I don't usually go to the record office...
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    Hi all!!

    Hi Andie Welcome I also have Smiths in Lincolnshire, Grimsby being the main place.
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    Benjamin MOORE and Mary JONES

    Hi, have you tracked them down on later census returns?
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    North Devon Steers, Cooks, Hinks & Greenslades

    Hi Peter Wow, sounds like a very interesting family. Good luck with your continued research. Jules
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    Hi Vally Not been using this forum long myself, but have found everyone to be really helpful. good luck with your continued research. Jules
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    New to this forum

    Hi Derek Welcome to the forum. You don't happen to have a Henry Way listed as an ancestor do you? He was a tobacconist living in Portsmouth in 1841, not born in Hampshire. Jules
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    Hi All, HELP!!!

    Hi Mick Not been using this forum long myself but have found everyone to be helpful. Tell us what you know about your family and someone here is sure to help you get on the road to finding lots of info. Start by telling us any definate info you have. Oh and welcome to the forum Jules
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    a little bit of help please

    Is 1857 too late? I found John Hammond on 1871. Lodger with mother Sarah and Brother Thos C. Living in Manchester. States born in Bradford. RG10; Piece: 4037; Folio: 77; Page: 23; GUS noumber removed to due to copyright. Julie mod
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    a little bit of help please

    I had a look at 1881 and it seems to me that he is saying he is born somewhere else, trouble is the writing is so bad I can't read the name of the place. He is a coal miner on this one. Hope I'm not going over old ground, but I get confused by all the posts :)
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    Looking for parents of Clarence Kemp, 1882-1953

    What a fantastic connection! June and Hazell, I hope you can swop loads of information.
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    Skeletons in the cupboard

    apart from a couple of illegitimate births, the only skeleton I've uncovered was gg grandad serving time for the murder of his wife, they were both very keen on the drink, and that all came out in the court case. The wife had tried to committ suicide several times over the last 10 or so years...
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    My First Car

    I just goggled 'bee's knees' and it wasn't very helpful lol. You must have had the streets pretty much to yourself, and everyone would have watched you with envy as you went by.
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    My First Car

    What a great piccie. The car looks really small, did it feel cramped when you drove it?
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    It does help in a way, at least I know they weren't there from the year dot, and were always on the move.
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    Yes I did notice and was I hoping someone else would too lol.