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Recent content by Karen Strother

  1. K

    Strother Family WA

    Hi there Valdamer was my husband's grandad. You are on the wrong trail with the Steven's marriage - Uncle Bill married Aunty Sarah Pearl Strother known as Sarah. I have loads of info for you. Please PM me. Karen Thanks Crankypants - always helpful :-)
  2. K

    Uniform help

    Hi Lee I will PM you :)
  3. K

    Uniform help

    Thanks Dave I Did check it out. I also found some info about a training centre at Manchester University - see the windows on the right of the photo? Do you think this could be a possibility? :)
  4. K

    Uniform help

    Thanks heaps Lee :):):)
  5. K

    What was your Ambition .........

    When I was younger I wanted to either be a hairdresser or work in an office. Back in the 70's my parent's couldn't afford to send me to business college and seeing as hairdressers earned $43 a week, I went to work as a checkout chick for $64 a week! Got married 3 weeks before I was 21 then...
  6. K

    Where was he in 1943/44

    OOPS - Probably alot better off with this one though -LOL I use the other one for my kin! www.ukgdl.org.uk/county/nottinghamshire
  7. K

    Where was he in 1943/44

    Or you could try this site - has lots of good links: www.ukgdl.org.uk/county/lancashire/telephone_directories :)
  8. K

    Where was he in 1943/44

    Hi Gibbo Have you tried the Post Office directories? Cheers
  9. K

    Uniform help

    Hi Lee Donald Francis Hunt b 27/3/1910. Married 30/6/1930. Everything I find says the RAF have not released anything as yet and I can only find Army barracks for Salford. Thanks for your help Cheers Karen
  10. K

    Uniform help

    Hi Dave Thanks for that, much appreciated - was a very interesting site. There are quite a few photos uploaded of crews but I can't get them to view - only little X in a box! I'm not sure if this was Salford barracks or not, I do know he was at Salford though. I will plod on! Cheers Kaz :)
  11. K

    Uniform help

    My grandparents met at Buile Hill Park and while I was researching it I found out there was an RAF Balloon barrage headquarters there. Just thought it may be where he was stationed - [I] " From the early 20th century the public park, including Seedley Park, has been known as Buile Hill Park...
  12. K

    Uniform help

    Thanks Steve, I don't believe he ever flew, just told he was at Salford Barracks in the ground crew. Am actually traying to locate a squadron or something so I can get his records but unsure what squadrons operated from there. There are parachutists landing in the background of the picture so...
  13. K

    Uniform help

    Hi Does anyone recognise the uniform please? I know my grandad served at Salford Barracks in the RAF from approx 1928-1950 but having trouble locating records. Picture taken supposedly at the barracks. Grandad is on the far left. He also has 3 stripes (sargeant?) cheers Karen
  14. K

    James Clarke - Manchester

    Hi Dave I did see Mary Clarke there but no other kids so I am puzzled. Thanks for the Leaf Place address, I will search them up and try to follow them. Maybe this IS his folks and he is boarding for some reason? I also found a John and Mary in Middleton buuildings in 1841 with a heap of...
  15. K

    Samuel & Caroline Booth Salford/Pendleton

    Hi Crankypants Thanks for that - I am now going to pay for the image. Cheers