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Recent content by Katherna

  1. K

    any idea what occupation this is?

    I've never heard of this one and neither has 'google'. A Little background first incase it's related. Tegid was a 'dyer' on the 1911 census, his father a tailor, his mother a draper. The picture is from his marrige cert. Any ideas as to what this profession might be?
  2. K

    Regimental name help

    Okay located my great grandfathers (on my grandmothers side) WW1 record - James Burman Residence: Woodside Farm, Haydock Document Year: 1915 Regimental Number: 8375 Regiment Name: W L D R E Anyone any clue? I'm going to assume W L is West Lancs? He signed up at St Helens. On one page it...
  3. K

    Railway jobs

    I can read Blacksmiths Striker unsure of the other ones though. One looks like slatelayer or platelayer? Last one I haven't got a clue
  4. K

    burials and cremations at St Helens,

    I came across this while searching for info on deaths http://crem.oltps.sthelens.gov.uk/crem/servlet/Telesearch you can search names and date ranges, as well as burial or cremation for St Helens and Newton-le-Willows. It gives a grid reference which means that the gravestone (or area that it...
  5. K

    How to find Mary!

    Okay have had no luck narrowing down a great-grandmother. Mary Ellen Williams born 1875 - 77 (depending whether you use the census or her death record) She was from Flint, Flintshire (1911 census ) North Wales. On her marriage cert to James Kenyon 1908 she is Mary Ellen Jones, widow. Her...
  6. K

    Hello :)

    Hi to everyone, I've been researching my parents family history for the past 12 months or so. Some parts have been really easy and straightforward others however have had me cursing. Problems I've found have been made worse as the brickwalls I've still got I can't ask anyone about, as there is...