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    McCurdy/Richards search

    Hi Sharon, Are you outside the UK? This is significant for access to the record sources and just how much help you need. Do you know of any place that James McCurdy may have come from in the UK? This information would be necessary to try and pin him down. Any and all persons transported to...
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    Ives Family from England

    Hi Brenda, Would this be the one you are looking for: Household: NameRelationMarital StatusGenderAgeBirthplaceOccupation John IVESHeadMMale43Staveley, York, EnglandHead Gardener (Dom) Charlotte IVESWifeMFemale41Swyford ?, Hampshire, England William John IVESSonUMale19Lingthorpe ...
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    Fidler, Mary

    Re: Fidler,Mary Hi Brenda, You could try doing a search at http://www.familysearch.org/ It's a very simple site to use and could prove helpful. There are quite a few records for Bolsover on the site. Alternatively, for that period in history, it will be down to the Parish Registers...
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    Hurdon family

    Hi hurdon, Have you done anything to find that piece of information, or is it something that is just known in the family? If it is the latter, write it down on a piece of paper and put it to one side. For the time being, you will ignore it. But, be ready to bring it back in when the time is...
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    looking also for my partners father CARL TULLY

    Tracing a person currently living is a totally different matter. My first efforts would be to write a letter to the newspaper covering that area, for printing in their letters column, giving an approximate period in time when he was last known to be there, and asking for any information anyone...
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    looking for my roots

    Hi newcastlelinda, Welcome to the forum. We hope that you enjoy being here. Now, let's start a bit of detective work. You don't give any indication of what you may have already done, so let's assume it is nothing. This brings a few questions to mind: 1) Do you have your birth certificate? If...
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    Robert Lang Niven Nov. 18, 184?

    Hi linksloose, Can you give some indication of where these people lived? It would be very helpful in refining the search criteria. Due to his connection with the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, I'm guessing Ireland. Keith.
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    Finding a Knight Templar

    Hi Darlene, I don't know if this will prove of any use, but it could give you something whilst we are trying to find out more for you. At the following link, you will find several pages on the Knights and, there is a page with a long list of links to other sources. If nothing else, it'll keep...
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    Discussion -Census Returns

    This is where the government has us over a barrel. You can be assured that their counsel will at least have the advice of a team of QC's. That means that the complainant would need to have at least the equivalent. This on top of the cost of a team of very efficient lawyers to argue the case in...
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    Discussion -Census Returns

    http://www.familyhistory.uk.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=25&Itemid=2 The subject of the 100 year closure rule is an interesting one. I have seen mention that this rule is being challenged due to it's contravening our recently adopted Freedom of Information Act. The argument...
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    Henry Goodey

    Hi Edward, If you go to http://www.familysearch.org, you will be on the homepage of the LDS website. This is a very useful resource and may contain some information that could help you. When there, click on the first image, under the words "Search for Ancestors". Then, fill in the name Henry...
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    The death of John Gray

    Not being picky or anything but, for the last child of John gray to be 20 months old in the 1851 census, he/she could not have been born any earlier than July 1849. :wink: Just a minor detail like that is quite capable of taking you off on the wrong line of enquiry, especially if there was more...
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    Discussion -The IGI and The Ancestral File

    As stated in the article, the IGI is the most extensive resource available, certainly for records in the UK. For many years, there were no death records included but, these are now slowly being added. In the early days, they gathered only information on baptisms and marriages. As I understand...
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    Hi Jean, The only information I have found is as follows: Bridger Marsh (there is no record of his parents) married Hannah Giles 19th October 1760 at Lamberhurst, Kent. They had a son - Bridger Marsh - Christened 2nd June 1776 at Lamberhurst. The church for Lamberhurst is the parish of St...
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    True! There is no known cure. However, you can keep the condition happy by giving it regular doses of research. :wink: Keith.