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    William Davies - How do you prove this

    Ladybird, do you have any more information on Davies and Williams family line.As they are both in my family tree and could well be same family.Davies and Williams are both from North Wales and settled in Toxteth area in Liverpool.Family involved in Docks and Potteries at Liverpool and also...
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    The Lamp Lighter

    Thanks Gibbo for the information about the Lamplighter, I have an ancestor who was a Lamplighter in Lancashire, he was also employed at the same time as a Knock-up, he wood tap on the windows of the colliers to wake them for the early shifts and call out the time.The Lighter he used probably...
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    Opinions please (changing occupations)

    Hi Nannie, Yes, rellies can change their occupations for sometimes unknown and obscure reasons and also at odd times.For example, one of my family lines where generations of weavers, father to son over a century.That is, until one suddenly became a rent collector.Why?, the bottom fell out of the...
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    Just cant find him

    Hi Gibbo, :) you don't say when you think your relative was in Australia or whether he was born there.But you could try the immigration service records, employment records, if you know the area-search through trade directories.Possibly also national service records, military and transport...
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    One for Benny 1982

    Hi Julie, Just an idea, but maybe your 3xgrt gran travelled back to Somerset for the work or money, Bath was a very rich city then and a good place to ply her hawking of goods trade.She may have possibly worked her way there, not sure, but is Sommerset and Kent, cider and hops country and they...
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    emigration from scotland

    Hi Duker, Try the Ellis Island site for emigration to America through the New York port.If they did emigrate to America through here, the site lists original home Country, last known residence, age when entering Country and whether any relatives known in America.Also,where they are going to make...
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    Virus Alert

    Cheers Steve,:) thanks for the heads up on the virus alert.Kerrymac
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    SANDS family in W Lothian in 1861

    Re: SANDS family in Lanark in 1851 Hello Dave, I don't know if this information would be useful to you but have a list of Sands families from Lanark in 1851 and where they originally came from.Several from Ireland originally and also Scots counties of Ayrshire,Renfrewshire and Perthshire.Will...
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    Would love a photo of

    Hi Julie,:biggrin: Just browsing at the post on would love a photo and the names listed include Davies, Jones and Prescott...are the names connected together or seperate lines and which areas of the country are you looking for.Only asking because I have all three in family trees.Mine tend to be...
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    Who Would You Like To Meet!

    Hi All, great question Mo!. The three I would pick out in history would be 1.Sir Francis Drake, to ask him about his sail around the world,the battle with the Armada and what was Queen Elizabeth1 was really like? 2 General Alexander Haig,Where his Generals really like donkeys leading lions in...
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    Lancashire names in West Derby Hundred

    Hi Everyone,:) Just a quick line to say that if you are looking for relatives in 17oo's and 18oo's in and around the liverpool area and extending out to Prescot, Widnes and surrounding villages try a site called ;) [Lancashire online Parish Clerks Project] go to google and type in as above...
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    Richard CLARKE and Railways CAMBRIDGE/SHIRE c.1850-1856

    Hi Colin,:) had a look at Railway ancestors and could not find your Richard. However, do you know anything at all about his Clark/Clarke family in U.K. because it seems the Clarks as a family where very influential within the Railway industry.Three of them knighted and many in high positions in...
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    :) Hiya Pat,:biggrin: you did better than me, I can't even whistle in tune!! oh! boy but I can hum for England!!:2fun: not necessarily in the right key:2fun: :2fun: best regards :) kerrymac.
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    Hello all

    Hi Lee, A warm welcome to you:) this is a brilliant site and there are some lovely people here who will always help you.Enjoy it:biggrin: kerrymac.
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    Hi Steve, Yes, quite a few, both through the link of my postname McEwan in Ireland and Scotland and also Kerry surname linked to both Ireland and Scotland.The Orchestral link are the English side and the Valleys of Wales are represented by Davies. Proper mongrel me!:biggrin:.As for the fiddle...