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Recent content by Kin-getter

  1. Kin-getter

    Francis Little m Sarah McCullough - Castleblayney,Co. Monagh

    To: oznannie, p.risboy, Elwyn Thank you all for the help. I'm passing this on to the family concerned and I'm sure they will be grateful as well. Meantime, I'll start sifting through things. Thanks James
  2. Kin-getter

    Francis Little m Sarah McCullough - Castleblayney,Co. Monagh

    Francis Little born:abt. 1805 lived in Castleblayney,Co. Monaghan Ulster, Ireland. He married Sarah McCullough born: 1823. The family I'm trying to help believes the Littles had connections with Scotland (Dumfries probably) but when I do not at this stage know. I suspect earlier than Francis...
  3. Kin-getter

    Mary BOWDEN

    Thanks Ron, actually, I had the children but Mary is a tough one. James.
  4. Kin-getter

    Mary BOWDEN

    Born: 1730 Tiverton, Devon died on 22 Oct 1752 in Tiverton, Devon, England, England. Mary married Nicholas COPP born: c1727 died: 13 April 1768 Tiverton Devon. Really looking for Mary's Parents and Siblings. Thanks, James.
  5. Kin-getter

    Orr, Kerrigan, Lafferty, McGroarty

    Dave, Thanks for that, I had no idea. James
  6. Kin-getter

    Re: Orr, Kerrigan, Lafferty, McGroarty James.

    Re: Orr, Kerrigan, Lafferty, McGroarty James.
  7. Kin-getter

    Orr, Kerrigan, Lafferty, McGroarty

    Seamus, Thanks for your message. I'm not sure why you need me to send you a pm as you could send me one directly, but I will do so. Thanks, James.
  8. Kin-getter

    Orr, Kerrigan, Lafferty, McGroarty

    Looking to connect with those researching the Patrick Orr line from Moneydarragh, Donegal, Ireland. Patrick was married to Sarah Kerrigan and had several children. One of which was Patrick Orr who married Kate Lafferty. Any connection to the Culdaff area as well as Moville? Mary Orr married Owen...
  9. Kin-getter

    Crerar, Dunnet, Stewart

    Yes, as far as I know, born Perthshire. From R....W.. Family Trees - ID: I1460 Name: John (Laird) STEWART Surname: Stewart Given Name: John (Laird) ***: M Birth: May 1782 in Shian, Glenquaish, Perthshire, Scotland Death: 23 Apr 1869 in N. Easthope, Perth, Ontario, Canada _UID...
  10. Kin-getter

    Crerar, Dunnet, Stewart

    Re: Crerar, Dunnet, Stewart - Fresh Start? As this research is for someone else, not me, and that person doesn't "do computers" but relays info through another to me - hardly surprising things go 'pearshaped' I guess. Anyway, strike out Dunnet and Caithness. I now have - John (Laird) STEWART...
  11. Kin-getter

    Crerar, Dunnet, Stewart

    Hi Jane, thanks for the reply. OK, this is (part of) the scenario. I need to find a John Stewart and Elizabeth Crerar in Caithness, not Perthshire where I know of a John Stewart and Catherine Crerar. John and Elizabeth emigrated to Canada (Ontario) in 1821 with son James (who later had 6...
  12. Kin-getter

    Crerar, Dunnet, Stewart

    Has anyone any research that connects these 3 surnames please. I'm looking for a CRERAR-STEWART marriage initially. Thanks, James.
  13. Kin-getter

    William Stewart Orr & Annie Craig - Kilbirnie, Ayrshire

    William Stewart Orr and Annie Craig from Kilbirnie families and settled in Mt Sterling, North Carolina. Williams dob is given as 1857 dod as 1889. (He died young - 32 - through a logging accident.) Conflicting information I've received gives his mother's name as Janet Orr, another Mary Orr...
  14. Kin-getter

    Mary Ann Berry Sinclair 1873 Thrumster

    Thanks Jean. Another 'naughty girl'? James.
  15. Kin-getter

    Donald Gunn - Caithness

    Hi Izabel, I'll pass that on, thanks. Gunn is of course not an uncommon name in those parts but who knows. Thanks, James.