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Recent content by kittyswhiskas

  1. K

    Frederick William Hayden

    Me and my sister had laughed when we found the Frederick Hayden - Cowboy. But some of my elderly relatives can remember my grandad having american relatives, so could be possible. I had a root around on the passenger lists, but i couldn't find Frederick William Hayden (or any variation of that...
  2. K

    Frederick William Hayden

    This is an interesting theory, one which I hadn't thought about before. I'll do some digging around and see what I can come up with. Thank you.
  3. K

    Frederick William Hayden

    Link to certificate: http://o.mfcreative.com/f4/exports/3/3cafdbac-7431-4696-b21f-642fe8e72656/Marriage%20Certificate.pdf
  4. K

    Frederick William Hayden

    My sister has cert at the mo, I will get her to send me a copy and then I will try to copy on here.
  5. K

    Frederick William Hayden

    Yeah, I had come across that entry, but dismissed it as the birth year was a bit far out. But as I have learnt along the way the census weren't always an science back then! I have found a death entry for a Frederick W Hayden, Name: Frederick W Hayden Birth Date: abt 1876 Date of...
  6. K

    Frederick William Hayden

    Hi, I need some help. My great grandfather was Frederick William Hayden. I have found him on the 1911 census living in Woodforde Green, Essex. He was living with his wife Kate (was Robinson born Ashford, Kent 1881) and my grandfather (Thomas William) and his siblings. On the census Frederick...