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Recent content by Kkemtim2

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    Thank You Irene for that information.
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    I will do that Thank You Julie.
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    Thanks MyRoots. I see I have to wait until a Census is released to find out more. How come that they all aren't released by this year 2007?There apparently must be a valid reason.As Hawkeye and Julie found the parents of Dad....I wonder why his name can't be found on a census or something.Also...
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    Thank You My Roots for your reply. I'm just up in the air, as to how one finds children of the family? We would love to know how many children? and their names? did Walter and Charlotte have? Does one find out these things on the cenus that my 2 friends above spoke about? or is there another...
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    Thank You so much Julie and Hawkeye. What I'm searching for is mainly whether there were any more brothers/sisters of Charles Rogers my Father? How do I do that? Maybe they all died? But Thanks to you both there seems to be at least a Fred? We hadn't heard of him? All Dad spoke about was losing...
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    Absolute beginner here.First timer trying to find some background for dad but don't know where to start or what to do really. My dad is Charles Rogers born 1800's on the 23rd October, registared in Wandsworth.Parents are Walter H.(I think Henry) and Charlotte Rogers of Battersea. He had a...
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    Greetings from Australia!

    Hello Everyone! nice to meet you.:) I am trying to find all about my Dad and his family;which he kept as a big mystery from us all:rolleyes: ,even Mum. I have a little to start with so I'll go to the right forum now and write it up. Take Care and happy hunting.