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Recent content by kmarie

  1. K

    burma star veteran

    hi, I know that he was part of the burma star association due to the fact that he had a badge, like you mentioned.I also know the regiment he was in and the date he was enlisted.do you know if the MOD would give me the info I needed.all I really want to know is exactly what it was that he did to...
  2. K

    fathers name not on birth certificate

    Hey guy thanks for the info.when I realised there was no mark on the cert by the father i decided to go through the census info from 1861 through to 1911.his mother was there living with her parents, siblings and her child but no sign of the father and harry was also given her surname so I think...
  3. K

    fathers name not on birth certificate

    hey dave, I do believe now with what youve said and with the info i have with me that your right and he was probably illegit and if thats correct than i do believe she had another illegit child 5 years later again as he has her surname too.....the things you find out!
  4. K

    fathers name not on birth certificate

    I have a birth certificate of my great grandfather harry dated 1881, his mothers name is on the document but he was given her surname and his father is not recorded anywhere. If the father was deceased would they not put the name on the birth certificate at all?.to be honest im hoping that he...
  5. K

    ancestry websites

    thanks for the site links everyone, going to have a look now, will probably be on them all night! :)
  6. K

    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    Hi, I got started about 9 years ago, had a break for 3 years and only just started it off again yesterday.I got interested about it when I found out that my grandfather had a brother who died when he was 6 and nobody in the family knew where he was buried, I made it my mission to find this...
  7. K

    ancestry websites

    Hi all, Im having trouble getting the information I need and ive gotten to a point where ive literally hit yet another dead end.Can anyone recommend any good ancestry websites, preferably free because i cant really afford the subscription fees.thanks :)
  8. K

    census request hawkins

    thankyou dave and josie for the wonderful information.charles has got to be a cousin or something rather than a brother or george would be on there too, at least more of my ancestors have been found.thanks for all the help.I hope something else pops up because its really sparked my interest in...
  9. K


    hi, thank you for that info, Id never heard of the surname before i came across it in my family tree, a very unusual one to say the least!
  10. K

    census request hawkins

    just a stab in the dark here but im wondering if george was possibly lodging with another family in 1901 in the essex area??.Im trying to just fill in the blanks lol
  11. K

    census request hawkins

    wow, youve found a lot more than I have, My grandmother florence was born in 1925 in tendring but growing up she always mentioned clacton on sea so thats why I was searching essex, It says on the 1911 census that he was born newtown stafforshire but they must have gotten it wrong.Maybe charles...
  12. K

    census request hawkins

    up until yesterday all I had was a name and the place he lived, essex.I now know that he was born in newtown staffordhire and then moved over the years to different areas of essex.Sorry for the confusion, im just trying to find anything at all on a george hawkins and then research it more to see...
  13. K

    hawkins essex area

    okay thanks :)
  14. K

    murphy and sutton, co wexford, ireland

    Hi, my great grandmother was bridget murphy, she was born on slaney street, enniscorthy, co wexford in 1908.Her mother was mary sutton and her father was patrick murphy.This is where the trail goes cold as patrick then moved to canada or america with some of his children leaving my great...
  15. K


    hi, i hope i find my missing links too, getting so confused with dates already and its only been a day!. thankyou again for all the info you've given me already, you seem like you really know your stuff!