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    We watched an…

    I was behind the sofa for Dr Who!!
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    We watched an…

    That's also on Talking Pictures TV
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    We watched an…

    Indeed and Robin Hood is still shown on Talking Pictures TV
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    Son of King George III - John Stuart Talbot

    Just a bit of history here, not quite sure when he would have fitted in having an affair with anyone, King George iii married Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in1761 and fathered 15 legitimate children between 1762 and 1783, first signs of his illness began in 1788. Queen Charlotte died...
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    Absolutely disgusting behaviour on the beach at Great Yarmouth

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    Alexander Clifford

    There is a baptism for Alexander 1703 Calne parents William Clifford and Jane Alexander. There is a marriage for Alexander in 1753 to Mary Stephens which is ok but he was 50 when they were married, but not impossible I hear you say. He has a daughter 1749 although the baptism says she was a...
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    Historic Vaccination

    Chickenpox is the Zoster virus, Cowpox is also Smallpox (CPXV) according to Wiki the two viruses are not to be confused with each other.
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    Hello from Birmingham in England

    Welcome Karen Hope you enjoy the forum :)
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    What happened to Henry??

    I've been down that route, I thought that was correct too but Abraham Henry Farmer sometimes dropped his first name just to confuse the issue. Abraham Henry Farmer 1837 married Mary Ann Hardie 1860 Shoreditch parents Thomas and Elizabeth. Thanks for taking a look Amanda
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    What happened to Henry??

    It's Clements, Ann's brother William Clements is living with them in the 1841 census along with my g g grandfather Samuel Farmer they are both apprenticed to Henry. Amanda
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    What happened to Henry??

    Baptism for Henry Farmer 1838 Christ Church Spitalfields parents Henry Farmer a Carver Gilder and Ann Clements. He is in the 1841 and 1851 census at home with parents and siblings in Bethnal Green and Shoreditch, after this I can't find a thing on him, no marriage or death. Some of the census...
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    Anc. messaging 'service'.

    I can identify with this. I had a slightly different issue, people could write to me but I couldn't reply using internet explorer so I wrote to them. They told me their site was best compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome. After some updates I was due, I'm happy to say that I can now reply...
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    More money!?

    There is an offer on at the moment for the British Newspaper Archive there is 30% off till 31 May, the code is LIBRARY30 Amanda
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    Gladys Dorothy Pratt Adoption

    Thank you for the information which I already have Thanks Val and I have the information for Joseph, Elizabeth and John, but I just can't get passed Gladys' birth. I'll keep an open mind with that Amanda
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    Gladys Dorothy Pratt Adoption

    The one you were looking at, she married either Henry John Mason or Charles Herbert Reilly Amanda