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Recent content by Ladybird1300

  1. Ladybird1300

    Newbie hello from South Wales

    I have one large tree, but sometimes I make smaller trees when I'm looking for something specific. I don't have descendants on it past about one generation, but I have another tree for descendants for DNA use.
  2. Ladybird1300

    Charles Dister and wife Anne (Raymond??)

    That's if it's not blotchy with thick pen, which is what I have with a couple of mine, just can't make the lettering out
  3. Ladybird1300


    Not always, I have a few lines from Wiltshire and have been many times, it's a hope one day I'll live there. I also have a few lines from Cambridgeshire and as it isn't far I have been a few times. Finding my g g grandmother's family from Ormskirk has now peaked my interest and would like to...
  4. Ladybird1300

    Dead Ends?

    My g g grandfather born in Hackney is missing from the 1861 census, in the 1871 census he was married with three children, except I haven't found a second marriage for him. Not only that his wife......my g g grandmother was from Lincolnshire. he'd also been living in Lancashire because my g...
  5. Ladybird1300

    Thomas Rowden D1783 ,age 66, can anyone read the top part ,is it Thomas Rowden wife Frances Gibson, Father Thomas Gibson?

    I think the second name is above the scribbled out bit is Thomas Brady. Amanda
  6. Ladybird1300

    Mary Russell

    Well I finally solved one brick wall now I have another one. Mary Russell was born in Whitechapel c1795 she married Henry Farmer in 1815 at St Leonard Shoreditch, I've looked at all the baptisms but can't be sure which one is her. I have all their information after their marriage except I never...
  7. Ladybird1300

    Molineux Family

    Well after all this time I think I have the family I've been looking for. I had one DNA match for my mother and although she had a tree it wasn't very reliable. But recently my mother matched someone who was descended from a Molineux family of Eccles, but again I couldn't see a connection. But...
  8. Ladybird1300

    Manorial rolls Chalfont St Peter

    I think some counties fared better than others at that time
  9. Ladybird1300

    Manorial rolls Chalfont St Peter

    They may be related, but I'm looking for something nearer 1650 something, but I'll go down a bit. There is one 1667 Holborn parents John and Margarett, but there are also lots of marriages at that time as well. I think that one is a tad late.
  10. Ladybird1300

    Manorial rolls Chalfont St Peter

    That one may be a tad early, the only one I can see at the right time is in Richmond Yorkshire 1655, perhaps the records he is in are not online yet?? Or there is one in Broad Hinton Wiltshire 1637??
  11. Ladybird1300

    Manorial rolls Chalfont St Peter

    May be I'll try there, thanks for looking Steve
  12. Ladybird1300

    Manorial rolls Chalfont St Peter

    Apart from Russell Farmer the only other son I could find was Charles b 1690 Chalfont St Peter, but I don't know if he married?? If he did there is a chance one or all of them belong to him. It's possible there were other sons that survived, but I haven't found them, I haven't found a death for...
  13. Ladybird1300

    Manorial rolls Chalfont St Peter

    What year is this please Steve?? I estimate Christopher was born c1655. he was a widower when he married Martha Russell, they married St James Dukes Palace. There was a marriage in Great Missenden to a Mary Durrant in 1680 so I thought she was the first wife. It's like he appeared from nowhere...
  14. Ladybird1300

    Manorial rolls Chalfont St Peter

    Also I have a Mary Russell married to Henry Farmer 1815 Shoreditch, Henry's father was another Russell who was the grandson of one of the other Russell's. I'm still looking for more information about Mary all I know is she was born in Whitechapel in c1795. I'm guessing she was also a part of...
  15. Ladybird1300

    Manorial rolls Chalfont St Peter

    Yes, Christopher Farmer was from Aston Clinton from what I can make out and he was an Innholder. He stood as an attorney for someone on the Manorial land. There are some years that are missing, especially at the time of the civil war. I did a search of all records on FMP and the only twins born...