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Recent content by Ladybird1300

  1. Ladybird1300

    What's your Hobby or Hobbies, besides Family History.?

    Not really a hobby. joined a local singing group a few months ago and I'm there once a week. Again not really a hobby, but been watching many videos recently about people living on Narrowboats and their voyages, now we would like to may be buy a narrow boat to have our own adventures, don't...
  2. Ladybird1300

    Registration District for Ford End in essex

    Just looked on Google maps, it says the address is Chelmsford, but it isn't far from Braintree either, so that may be possible. Amanda
  3. Ladybird1300

    Poll about Genealogy Research in Germany: Challenges

    Welcome to the forum Kai, could you tell us where in the UK you will be giving your talks please?? Amanda
  4. Ladybird1300


    Hello and welcome to the forum Amanda
  5. Ladybird1300

    DNA v Genealogical Research

    It all depends what they have to compare it to in their database. The more people that test the more accurate the results will be, there are no results without anyone testing. Amanda
  6. Ladybird1300

    DNA v Genealogical Research

    Well Steve as Barbara says, if your test with another company you can get different results. I tested with Ancestry I had 2% Norway, and when I uploaded to My Heritage I lost Norway and got Iberian peninsula and Italian. Amanda
  7. Ladybird1300

    DNA v Genealogical Research

    Don't get too excited that could change. I know someone given his results (which are only a guide) of 2% England Wales & NW Europe when there was an update on Ancestry a couple of years ago, he had over 80% English etc. They update quite often there has been three in the past year and I would...
  8. Ladybird1300

    It's no wonder we can't find ancestors

    I sympathise with all the above, how many times have I found births with the mother's first name and spent all my time looking for a marriage only to find the groom has the correct name but I can't find the mother of the children, one marriage but wrong first name. Does this mean all the...
  9. Ladybird1300

    Admitting defeat with several candidates.

    They did travel Steve and in this case I would have thought she had, but I don't have any evidence and FMP doesn't have the original on their site no one seems to have it. The transcription of the Parish register is on there and all it says is they both reside in Eton. Amanda
  10. Ladybird1300

    Admitting defeat with several candidates.

    I have a Mary Veacher in my tree who married in 1743 Eton Buckinghamshire, I actually have her death because it says wife of John Atkins. But there isn't one single other Veacher living in the county of Buckinghamshire at that time, so I don't know where she appeared from. Oddly enough the...
  11. Ladybird1300

    Elizabeth Harris

    Yes I think that is probably it. But the next thing is a marriage, I'm guessing it will be one of the Mary's. I just hope he has nothing to do with the ones in Bradford on Avon :unsure: Amanda
  12. Ladybird1300

    Elizabeth Harris

    Yes I have seen that Geoff as I said in my original post, I've seen both Catherine and Elizabeth. But the other thing is there are no marriages in the area for Thomas to either Catherine or Elizabeth, only Mary. Amanda
  13. Ladybird1300

    Elizabeth Harris

    As we see above both baptisms just say Thomas, but it doesn't tell me what the source is :rolleyes: I haven't found any ,arriages to Catherine and only one to an Elizabeth in Ramsbury, not exactly up the road, but it could be them. The only marriages I've found in the area are to Mary's so...
  14. Ladybird1300

    Elizabeth Harris

    I'm looking for the correct baptism for Elizabeth Harris b 1733 Wingfield Wiltshire. I think she was actually baptised just up the road at Bradford on Avon and this is my predicament. I can't tell if she was recorded twice or there is more than one Thomas with a daughter Elizabeth being baptised...
  15. Ladybird1300

    Hayes family - Cork

    Are you looking for anyone in the family in particular or just the family in general?? Amanda