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Recent content by lawnrene

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    Look up Please DORNAN/BROWN

    Would someone please do a look up for 1871 Census for family of Hugh and Agnes Dornan - 1 child i know of Christina. Also family of John and Sarah Brown - 1 child i know of is John Brown - all from Ballynahinch area. Many thanks for help
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    LookUp Please DORNAN/BROWN

    Would someone please do a look up for me for the deaths of a John Brown married to a Sarah Brown - only info I have on them is that they were both deceased in 1912 when their son John re-married . Dont know how many children John and Sarah had. Also would love some info on Hugh and Agnes...
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    Look up Please Brown/Dornan

    Would someone please be kind enough to do a look up for me for a marriage between John/Christina Brown in Ballynahinch area in 1881 also John's parents John and Sarah and Christina's parents Hugh and Agnes - any info would be much appreciated.
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    Look up please DORNAN/BROWN

    DORNAN Would someone be kind enough to do a look up please for the birth of a Christina(or Christiana) Dornan born about 1858 daughter of a Hugh Dornan and an Agnes Dornan in Ballynahinch Co Down ( mothers maiden name is Hannah) - Christina is my G Grandmother and I have managed to get copy of...
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    McVeigh 1901 Irish Census Look-Up Please

    Thanks for information re website....had a look - its under consturction at mo but will try it again another time. thanks anyway..it has all been very useful.
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    Hi Looking for any info on the marriage of my grandparents David Brown, Cambuslang, Glasgow and Martha MacVeigh Ballynahinch C Down N Ireland. Not sure whether they married in Scotland or Ireland - all I know was it was in 1920. Davids parents were John and Christina and Martha's parents were...
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    Looking for the death of John Brown and Christina Brown born in Ireland about 1855-60 and lived and (probably) died in Cambuslang area of Glasgow Scotland. They had 9 children , 3 born in Ireland , some of the boys died in 1st world war . My grandfather was2nd youngest and was born in 1896 and...
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    Hi I am looking for the death of John P McVeigh who was from Ballynahinch C Down N Ireland husband of Martha MacAnearn. He was a cobbler(I think) He had two daughters Martha and Elizabeth. Martha married and moved to Scotland so either Martha (wife) or Elizabeth (daughter) might be mentioned...
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    Looking for the birth of of great grandfather and mother a John Brown and Christina (dont know maiden name). They were both from Ireland (sorry dont know where - possibly C Down. He would have been born about 1860 as John is on the 1901 census for Cambuslang Glasgow where they moved to as...
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    Looking for the birth of my great grandmother and father,their names are John P McVeigh and Martha MacAnearn births approx about 1855-1860 (I think)They lived in the Ballynahinch area of C Down when they had their two daughters Martha and Elizabeth. Martha born 1896.
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    Looking for a marriage between a John Brown and a Christina in Ireland - I know this is a long shot! Think it would be Northern Ireland and possibly C Down. John would have been born about 1860 - they had 3 children in Ireland a John Agnes and William - and another 6 in Scotland where they are...
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    Looking for info on marriage of John P McVeigh and Martha MacAnearn who lived in Balllynahinch. One of their daughters was born in 1896 so could have been married from about 1874-when she would be 18. Would love to get names of John and Martha's parents. Can anyone help?
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    Looking for any info regarding these two names in our family. McVeigh is from Ballynahinch C Down- Looking for parents of John P McVeigh born about 1860s and a Martha MacAnearn (probably about same time) their 2 daughters were Martha and Lizzie (Elizabeth). Trying to go further back..so any...
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    McVeigh 1901 Irish Census Look-Up Please

    can anyone help by doing a census look-up for me for 1901 for the McVeigh family from Ballynahinch C Down- havent got a lot of info- father was John P McVeigh, mother a Martha MacAnearn and the two daughters - Martha McVeigh and Elizabeth McVeigh. Martha (my grandmother was born in 1896 so shd...
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    Re: David Brown Julie thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly...I am new to this and not quite sure how this all works...think this possibly is my grandfathers family....I am surprised though that the parents are from Ireland (we never had any idea that that would be the...