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Recent content by leefer

  1. leefer

    Nice to be back

    Had a good look at some of the threads...as interesting as ever...old and new members getting stuck in I got a letter out of the blue a while back from a relly with about 30 photos of my dads family ...nan...grandad ..uncles and aunts...was fantastic Stil trying to work out how things work for...
  2. leefer

    Hello all

    Hi Everyone,been a long time since posting on FHUK...great to see it still thriving and helping people with all kinds of interesting things. The Starfield post caught my eye....and remembering that i lived there as a young boy drew me back. Since i have been away we have had another...
  3. leefer

    Hi Folks

    Hi everyone...hope you are all well. Just got back from Florida where my daughter and grandson live. Was so great to see them...also went to DisneyWorld and the Hall of Fame of gofers near Jacksonville and Donnami had a great time seeing family Nice to see the Forum still very active. So just...
  4. leefer

    George Chapman?

    I put a post on the great war forum regarding George Chapman...i have had a message from his grandaughter who has plenty of info on his life. Sadly i cannot remember who it was who was looking for George...maybe Risboy and for the life of me i cannot find a post on here regarding...
  5. leefer

    Happy Easter to all.

    Hope you all have a Happy Easter...with family or friends etc, For those who do not celebrate Easter i hope you get to enjoy the break. For those who live alone i hope it is not to lonely and get yourself some banter on this forum!:biggrin::biggrin: Happy Easter to EVERYONE on the forum...
  6. leefer

    Whats your WW1 Story?

    So with the 100 year anniversary looming whay is your family story...we all know a few tit bits so would be nice to hear some story, s about this remarkable time. All the best to you all.
  7. leefer

    Sister Dora

    On a recent visit to Walsall Hospital i saw this cast of a lady called Sister Dora...to my shame i had never heard of her but i soon become aware that she was the Florence Nightingale of the local area particularly Walsall...which is to the West of Birmingham. The two photos i took are not great...
  8. leefer

    Happy Birthday Gwenythgreen

    Not such a regular visitor nowadays to the forum but a birthday never the less. Have a good day:)
  9. leefer

    London 1927 in Colour.

    http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/198876/rare-color-film-shows-what-london-looked-like-in-1927/ Great this,where have all the flat caps gone!:biggrin: Love the different forms of London transport.
  10. leefer

    First of the Bulgarians Arrive!

    With the new rules allowing Bulgarians and Romanians coming into Britain here soon on us i cant see what all the fuss is about...look harmless to me:2fun:
  11. leefer

    Glass Blowing

    Hope you dont mind me putting this picture on,think it is a good one. Picture of my wifes late father Joe plying his trade as a glassblower for the Whiteladies glass factory in London...i think just after WW2 in London. Think years of heavy lifting has taken its toll on the poor fellow behind...
  12. leefer

    Happy New Year

    To all of you on the forum...hope you have a Happy New Year and that 2014 is a good year for all. To those who have family woes either through illness or just plain woes i hope that you get through these times and that happiness is resumed to normal levels. All the best to you all and again...
  13. leefer

    London Mysteries

    http://listverse.com/2013/12/30/10-unsolved-mysteries-from-london/ Ten in fact for you folk who like such things.
  14. leefer

    Bread Tales

    So i answered the door to be met by two people who spent twenty mins trying to convince me that brown bread was better for me than white...trying hard to get me to convert,i politely declined and found out later that they were Hovis witnesses. And i be blowed again to be waken in the middle of...
  15. leefer

    Dutch Tribute To Canadian Fallen

    http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2013/12/25/dutch_schoolchildren_honour_canadian_soldiers_on_christmas_eve.html Found the picture below a very moving one...and really it dosn't need any words.