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Recent content by leslee

  1. leslee

    Scottish Rifles

    Just found a marriage for one of my rellies and within the Occupation of the Groom it had : Occupation : Brick Burer (hard to read) Private No 30595 Scottish Rifles. Would I be guessin right that the Private No 30595 might be his Service number ?and Scottish Rifles maybe served in the...
  2. leslee

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone Thank you to everyone for your advice and help with my rellies this year Keep well keep safe and have a Great New Year See you all again Next Year 2018
  3. leslee

    Townland names are they the same

    Hello Everyone, A quick question : are they the same place ? Antrim : TULLAGHGARLEY TULLYGRAWLEY Leslee
  4. leslee

    Rose Ann Gailey, Tipping

    Hello everyone... Wondering if someone would have a peek at this one for me.... I am not real sure on one of Rose Ann's surnames.... It looks like Lofting but cant' seem to pin her down so i thought maybe if someone else has a look they might see something different. James Tipping, miner (...
  5. leslee

    Uniformm Identification

    John Dempsey : This is the lad I am wonder about with regards to his uniform....
  6. leslee

    Uniformm Identification

    Is it possible to identify or give any hints as to where and when my lad served. Family member states he was killed in action 1914-18 France but they are not 100%sure. Leslee I have a photo of him , but not sure how to upload it redf) worked it out .....
  7. leslee

    Parish Records general question

    Just a quick general query/ question regarding Parish records for England, the ones that i have found seem to end early 1800's to 1812....and of course i need just after these dates but before 1837... Where do you find info within these dates....
  8. leslee

    Scott - Donegal

    Any help would be appreciated. Richard Scott b. abt 1847 Ireland married : Annie McGown/McGowan Approx May 1866, Mt Charlres, Inver, Donegal Richard Scott d. 25 December 1909, at 268 Main Street Bellshill, Scotland son of Richard Scott & Susan Crow. I have not been able to find the birth of...
  9. leslee

    Benjamin Ayrton - Possible place of Birth

    On the site ditigial Panioptican my Benjamin Ayrton has been given a place of birth as Rowley Hill, dob about 1814 - couldd be the lead we need When I was reading the original docs I thought "browley" was his physical discription ..... https://www.digitalpanopticon.org/life?id=fasai02037...
  10. leslee

    Convict Record Source

    New website that has access to a lot of Australian Convict records that might be useful that has just been launched Tracing London Convicts in Britain & Australia, 1780-1925 https://www.digitalpanopticon.org/ "This website allows you to search millions of records from around fifty datasets...
  11. leslee

    James Brown & Eliz arrived on the Shackamaxon

    Hello everyone, Hoping someone might be able to help me try to make a connection on these two folks that I've been given a lead on. James Brown & Eliz Arrived in the port of Adelaide, South Australia on the ship Shackamaxon 22 Jan 1853 , with their girls Ann b. 1839 Driffield, Margaret b 1850...
  12. leslee

    How much Information do I need

    This is father listed on Marriage document George ( unable to make out surname ) James Brown ( wifes father)
  13. leslee

    How much Information do I need

    Hi... Sorry another question: How much information would I need for a census request ? I know very little about my man, Charles William Benjamin Bowen, except he could have been from England or Wales was born around 1834, fathers name was George. Possibly arrived in Australia about 1847 at...
  14. leslee

    Deleting Attachments - Question

    Sorry more questions: If you delete your attachments in your personal storage area, does that delete the picture in the post that you put it in ?
  15. leslee

    The Last Selfie

    The Last Selfie.....