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Recent content by LesleyF43

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    Dots on your field of vision. Floaters.

    Floaters are normally harmless.I have loads of them,and they are common in short sighted people,but you do have to watch out for a sudden increase in the number and or size of them,possibly accompanied by flashing lights,which can mean a detached retina,and that means you should attend the...
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    Thanks for this,but i had no luck with finding my relatives. Back to the drawing board !
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    There was a story in my family that my great grandfather was awarded a royal warrant for building a lighthouse off the Norfolk coast,but i have never been able to sort out if there is any truth at all in this. I understand ,according to Kew,that by the time he had joined the family building...
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    will info

    Hi Jules, Have got your message.Will get back to you tomorrow evening. Regards, Lesley.
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    will info

    Hi Jules, If you have all the information you mention,that is sufficient for a search to be made. I'm not sure what the PPR charge for a five year search,but i am going to the PPR on Friday,and could have a look for you,if you give me the details. Regards, Lesley
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    will info

    Hi Rosie, The Principal Probate Registry holds all post 1858 wills for England and Wales,so ,if your relatives made wills,the Registry should hold the details. Regards, Lesley.
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    Will Confusion!

    Hi Somerstown, I did 5 year searches on both your relatives,but i'm afraid i found nothing in the wills index. Sorry. Regards, Lesley. :(
  8. L

    will info

    Hi Rosie, I'm sorry to say i found nothing on either of your relatives. Recent wills are on computer,but nothing came up for Alan James Beere. 1960's wills are still filed in volumes by year.I did a 5 year search,but without success.Sorry. Regards, Lesley.:(
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    tree thieves

    A genesreunited contact of mine,who turned out to be a very distant cousin,and had asked to see my tree, took the whole thing and put it on her website,only telling me afterwards! At least she credited me with the info she had put on her site. The worst thing was she even took parts of my tree...
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    Ages on Marriage Certificates

    My great grandmother married her 30 year old first cousin in 1872,and said her age was 17,when in fact she was barely 15. I think it must have been a runaway marriage,as their normal addresses were in London ,but they married in a Cardiff registry office,with unknown(to me) witnesses.
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    will info

    Ok i will get back to you after the 16th.Perhaps if your grandad left a will it may give you some answers,but always with family history you get one answer and find three more problems ! Regards, Lesley.
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    Interpreting Wills

    Try www.agra.org.uk,for a list of professional researchers,some of whom will translate wills,but they are not cheap. regards, Lesley.
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    Could someone transcribe 2 wills please? 1552 & 1599

    You could try the website www.agra.org.uk,which has details of independant researchers,who undertake all sorts of research,including translation of wills.One of them translated two c15 wills for me,as my Medieval Latin is not up to much !! They are not cheap,though. Regards, Lesley.
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    will info

    hi Rosie, If you are still wanting info on those two possible wills,i am going to the Principal Probate Registry on Friday.This holds the index for post 1858 wills,which can be searched free,and copies of wills can be ordered online for £5 each. If you give me the names , dates, and places of...
  15. L

    Missing Jane

    Hi Julie, Yes i guess anything is possible. I have this picture of her as being a "wronged woman", but there are two sides to everything ! Thanks anyway. Lesley.