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Recent content by libbygirlxxx

  1. L

    s a c camp pilgrims rest??

    evening all , i wondered if anyone can help? on a marriage i have found it says on his info bachelor of s a c camp pilgrims rest his birth place ireland, does anyone know what the s a c camp is and for what reason he would be there thank you for your time regards libby x
  2. L

    irish births ? were to find them online

    hi all hope everyone is well ok so i have managed to find a copy of my partners grandmothers birth cert and the info given is as follows joan elizabeth graham born 31st december 1930 moymore father williiam john graham (moymore) mother aletta gertrude graham formerly holthouzen profession...
  3. L

    stuck on yet another birth

    i seem to be having a lot of trouble finding certain births so if anyone could help i would be truly grateful dont have very much info on this one sorry martin matthew carey born 21st november 1928 (possibly in ireland) died march 1979 wolverhampton found details of his death which gave me...
  4. L

    cannot find births can anyone help ?

    good morning all hope everyone is well :) i was hoping that someone would be able to help me find the following births have i have tried a numerous amount of times and came out with nothing kenneth francis graham born around 1924-1925, he did in 1962 in bilston wolverhampton havbe managed to...
  5. L

    total brick wall

    hi all i know i have this before but really cant find anymore info and have tried everywere i can think of if anyone can help please do, i have managed to find there children grandchildren and so on but can find parents of either of them also have found them on 1911 census william john graham...
  6. L

    william john graham

    good afternoon all i was hoping that someone could help to see if they could find me the service records for william john graham as far as i know he was born around 1886 in ireland , he married aletta gertruide holtzhausen abt 1908 in south africa and was aslo still in south africa according...
  7. L

    william carey aletta holthauzen ??

    william graham aletta holthauzen ?? afternoon all i am looking for the marriage of william graham and aletta holtzhausen (various spellings) they were married in south africa as far as i know around 1908 im hoping if someone could find this it could help me with there parents names william...
  8. L

    graham/holtzhouzen ??

    hi all i was wondering if anyone could help me out with finding the births of the following as i am attached them to my tree from ancestry from two different people but seems that we all have different birth dates for them they are joan elizabeth graham we think she was born 31st december...
  9. L

    graham/holtzhouzen ??

    hi all hope everyone is well,just wondering if anyone has time to have a quick look over this for me as having trouble doing a little research my partner. I am researching his great grandfather and great grandmother and have came across photos on ancestry of them and there children including my...
  10. L

    fanny fazackerley (nee fellows)

    looking for the death of a fanny fazackerley(spelling may differ) (nee fellows ) she was born in warrington in 1925 and later married a ronald fazackerly in 1944 warrington, have searched for her death and found nothing, also they had a son called alan. thanks in advance for you help x
  11. L

    john fellows & ann ??

    looking for a marraige for a john fellows to a ann ??? in the birmingham area maybe roughly between 1815-1820 only going off the first child being born in 1821 thank you in advance jo xxx
  12. L

    1911 look-up please

    looking for a william fellows birth est 1896, warrington lancashire (may have had a brother called john est 1890 but not 100% on that) any help will be greatly appreciated thank you xxx
  13. L

    stuck stuck stuck fellows family name

    hi all, hope everything is well, ok got so i am really really stuck on my family name , all i can get too is my great grandfather and thats it all i know his name was william fellows who born est 1896, he married an elizabeth noble(slater) she was married before they married in 1924 (warrington)...
  14. L

    place name??????

    hi, is anyone out there able to dechipher place names on census, i have a Daniel Jones 1851 lived in bilston stone miner/b: kintsh,mishay,then on 1861 it says N WALES,JAMACIA .i am completly baffled , can anyone help please thanks you libbygirlxxx
  15. L

    confused with doublebarrel name beckett/stockton

    hi everyone ,could anyone please please help,i've come across 1881 census for mary beckett/stockton b:1879 burslem ,parents john/jane stockton,sister elizabeth the connection for these persons are through marriage (mary to leonard millward1895) i've found census up to 1901 containing john/jane...