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Recent content by liz Stokes

  1. L

    My Family at War

    Hi all, Has anyone been watching the BBC 1 programme My Family at War? I have seen the first 2, the 3rd is on tonight. It has followed well know people and help trace relatives from WW1 and what they did during that time. It has a real personal feel to it and has been an excellent watch. It...
  2. L

    WW1 records

    Hi All ancestry.co are making all their WW1 records free for all to access for the month of November to celebrate the 90th anniversary. If you don't subscribe this is a great opportunity to take a look and see if there are any that are of interest to your own family history. Liz
  3. L


    Hi All, I have been doing a genealogy course and during it it was suggested that we try and look at some 'inventories'. Probate inventories are one of the best ways of putting 'flesh on the bones' of our ancestors. Seeing a list of items that have been accumulated by them gives a real insight...
  4. L


    Hi all Could someone tell me what all the different symbols next to threads/posts mean? What are the Pins, Ticks, Stars, Red/Blue envelopes etc. I understand the awards but I can't work out the rest. There is definately 'room for improvement' as my old teachers would say, as far as my computer...
  5. L

    Colour Code

    Hi all, I am still getting used to the site and trying to understand it all. This may sound daft but could someone tell me what the colours mean in the Online user list?
  6. L

    Will revelation

    I was reading the will of my ggggrandfather who was a yeoman farmer who had done well in life. He had signed it in a very neat and precise hand. He had married twice and I had been provided with a marriage certificate for his second marriage from which I am decended from. Looking at the...
  7. L

    1911 census

    Hi all, I expected that most of you, like me, are looking forward to the early release of the 1911 census. I get the newsletter from 1911census.co.uk and would recommend group members sign up to get the news on the release. Liz
  8. L

    Master Shoemaker

    My great grandfather was a Master Shoe and Bootmaker. He worked independently and I think he may have learnt his craft in the Midlands (Wolverhampton) area although he was from Monmouthshire and returned there later. Does anyone know if it is possible to get any info about his qualification...
  9. L


    Hi Everyone, My name is Liz and I only found this site today. It was recommended by a course I am doing with Dundee University. Having visited the site I loved it so I intend to become a regular visitor and, hopefully, active member! Liz