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Recent content by lojo39

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    Hi do you know your dads date of birth? and where he was born etc? this will be your starting point to get info on your grandfather:)
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    WW1 Help

    hi there are 12 w h tuckers listed on the commonwealth wargraves commission website take a look there that might help you his death would have been registered by the army i think if he died abroad and i think they would have done so if he died in this country lojo:)
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    hello thankyou for your warm welcome which is better than the weather where i'm from lojo39:)
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    Help please with occupation

    i would say policeman's wife too perhapd he was away when the census took place have you checked next census? to see if he is on that one. lojo39
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    hi i'm new here i've been registered with this site now for a year and totally forgot i was until i found my log in details i won't let it happen again thats for certain lojo39
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    new on here

    hello from shropshire:)
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    mills family

    re-mills my great grandmother was a minnie mills who married aaron pritchard they lived in staffordshire in the c1900's had a daughter called frances my gran in 1914 don't know if this helps any.