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Recent content by look4family

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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    I started about 8yrs ago and am still searching. I began to think that it was important that my decendents knew who their ancestors were. I began as most do on ancestry.com. Finding one person and it makes you go more. I was born in England and with the marriages/divorces etc the search has...
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    Irish records

    Info I have about Sampson Wills Sampson Wills b 1851 in the parish of Arran,in the town of Ennis,County Clare enlisted in the 21st Hussars 24 August 1871 at Cantebury,Kent. His army number was 1039. He was a post office clerk by trade. Children: Reginald born on Aug 8 1877 in Shorncliffe Kent...
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    Irish records

    I am searching for information for a Wills family from the parish of Arran in Ennis, County Clare. Specifically Sampson Wills who was born in Ennis, Gasgoine was born in Tipperary Ireland. I have info concerning brothers Reginald and Arthur (my grandfather), also daughters Helen and Cecelia...
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    Wills family

    I am trying to find information concerning the Wills family specifically Sampson, Reginald S., Gascoine S., Arthur Oliver. They all served with the British Army during the Boar War, and the time the British army was in India (prior to 1917). Sampson served with the 21st Hussars/Lancer calvalry...
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    How did you get 'addicted' to Family History / Gen

    I started about 8yrs ago. I am from England living in USA. The addiction comes from finding one link and needing to find another. The frustration comes from not being able to find more info. When the families divorce, remarry have kids it gets more addicting. I have ancestors who served...