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Recent content by loolabell

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    Webster birthplace and location...

    Hi dave this is def him and yes he did go in army about 1915 to 1924 could even have been earlier? I am now looking to find out what regment he was in? our family has a photo of him in uniform and he on a horse? i am very grateful to you,s all for every1,s feedback.. I am now addicted to this...
  2. L

    Webster birthplace and location...

    HI Thanks to all of you who followed this up for me It has Been very helpful and verified some of my own doubts.. Thanks a bunch xx:)
  3. L

    Webster birthplace and location...

    arthur webster married frances eleanor steel in 1911 for def in durham but i am unsure if he was born in burton staffordshire(1888 ) or scotland? i have asked every family members alive where he was born and no1 seems to know? i know for def he died in 1963 age 74 in gateshead durham. he would...