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Recent content by Lynda

  1. L

    A knotty problem

    Hullo Dave Yes 1805 is probably the year, it certianly is a problem to know what the W.R. is for Thanks for the help Lynda
  2. L

    A knotty problem

    There is a hallmark but I don't think that I could photograph it, wouldn't come out as it is so faded, but thanks for the help, it is one thing that I have not done. Will try the local jewellers to see if they can get anything as to date from it. thanks for the help Lynda
  3. L

    A knotty problem

    Here is a problem that I have been trying to solve for many a long year. I inherited a rather battered silver sovereign holder that my mum was very protective of. Trouble is, I have absolutely no idea of its history and wonder if anyone out there could help please? The lettering on the top of...
  4. L

    RAF service

    Thanks for the help - I will try that . Lynda
  5. L

    Civil Marriages

    Thanks for that. I must have had a "senior" moment in posting this query - having not been able to find the marriage in the indexes was just wondering if I was missing something.redf)
  6. L

    RAF service

    According to my Father's service record, he was released from the RAF under section 6 (2) ACT 1937 at the end of 1944. Am wondering if anyone can help as to what this act relates to please. :)
  7. L

    Civil Marriages

    Does anyone know if there is a way of finding, if it happened, of a civil wedding ceremony in the 1901 era please?
  8. L

    Fulham Union Workhouse

    Thanks for that, will investigate. :)
  9. L

    Fulham Union Workhouse

    Has anybody ever investigated getting records of the workhouse please? just wondered how much information was given. Thanks :)
  10. L

    Registers of Electors?

    You have probably tried this already, but on the off chance you haven't ---- Have a look at the London Metrpolitan Archives site, have just had a look and they might be able to help.:) :)
  11. L

    Compton/Poynter Marriage

    Thanks for the help folks. I think you have confirmed what was coming into my mind - they didn't actually amrry. Have tried FreeBMD & Ancestry to no avail.
  12. L

    Compton/Poynter Marriage

    Feeling quite frustrated as I cannot find the marriage of Richard Garibaldi Compton to Ada Florence Poynter. The 1901 census shows Ada as single. By the 1911 census she and Richard had evidently been married 10 years. Blowed if I can track the information down. Any helpwould be appreciated. Cheers
  13. L

    Unwanted Birth & Marriage Certificates

    I have a Birth Cert for Annie Whitty 10/04/1928 and a Marriage cert for Annie Whitty/Charles Bromley 26/12/1951. If anyone has a use for them I am happy to send them on.
  14. L

    The Buffs

    Thanks for the offer. The name is Richard Garibaldi Compton & the date of birth is 19th January 1861; it is likely that he added a couple of years to his age to get into the army. Lynda
  15. L

    Which if any Service was he in?

    This is probably so obvious that you have done it already but are there any relatives you can ask? Sorry if it is a silly suggestion.