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Recent content by Lynne Ryan

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    Vera Ethel Waddington

    Hello, Vera was my late husbands mother,,yes i am sorry...it is 1941 on death cert ,i must have typed 2 instead,we have marriage and our marriage certs we also have parents names,the trouble is Vera seems to have vanished after 1961,when my son,her oldest grandson was born, that was our last...
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    Tina go to genesreunited.com.i have tree there,under Lynne Ryan and ask for permission to view...

    Tina go to genesreunited.com.i have tree there,under Lynne Ryan and ask for permission to view tree we can go from there.. cheers Lynne
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    Vera Ethel Waddington

    Dear Tina,will you email me on we do have a connection,i am Jim's wife(window)we can communicate better privately,as some of the info you were given is not exactly correct,i can bring you up to date..cheers Lynne Email address removed for security reasons. After several moderated posts the PM...
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    Tolpuddle Martyrs.

    :) Yes ,one of my relatives was closely related,came out to australia,why i dont know as yet,but stayed,so hemce this family being here... i have the family file if any one is interested...cheers Lynne:)
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    Looking for info on relative

    :) Thank you,have now been onto Wales...hoping fore some help with this.. thank you all for help cheers Lynne
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    Looking for info on relative

    :) Well i am on the hunt again for more Morris Family.. this time its Thomas Morris c 1770 Pembrokeshire Wales.. the Narbeth area i think .. Suppose to have married a Mary Evans in 1792 I know they had son Thomas born 1816 st issells Pembrokeshire.. any data or info would be helpful,..there is...
  7. L

    Can any one explain the meaning of

    :) You know reading your replies,i sat here and thought,gosh,how did these poor people ever manage,or exist, compare to todays standards,the women get gov.support,family assistance...clothing allowances lots etc,how hard it must have been for those women.. i see by the info on my documents...
  8. L

    Can any one explain the meaning of

    :) Thank you everyone for your replies.. yes i think it means that also ..just thought i'd get others ideas.. on this matter i found it on my Welsh side,in records.. the ones i found on the english side all had illegitmate stamped on.. cheers Lynne
  9. L

    Can any one explain the meaning of

    :) Can anyone explain what it means on a birth cert, when it states (base child)regardless of male or female.. i found this on one of my welsh certs..thank you..Lynne:kissu:
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    Tolpuddle Martyrs.

    Hi Steve my family are involved with the martays.,and it is iteresting to know the true facts,i am from the Lovelace side great true story..cheers Lynne
  11. L

    Tolpuddle Family

    :) yes Dorset is correct...i have a whole history of the Ways back to 1770...i also have a tree on Tribalpages..its called englishandwelsh,once on if you wish to check out any names email or contact for security code..you can see what names are connected on list of names..cheers Lynne
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    Tolpuddle Family

    :)Some of my family roots are in Tolpuddle,we are the Ways,wilson and i have come into a bit of data and info on the martays of tolpuddle from which are my relatives, if interested email.. cheers Lynne
  13. L

    Sorry haven't been around awhile

    Iam sorry i have not been around in awhile..lots happening my side..if you need any data on Morris family Pembroke Wales.or Ways from Tolpuddle LET me know glad to share also FOXFAMILY HISTORY...have a good day Lynne:D
  14. L

    Here is a Fox Family ..may interest

    Outline Descendant Report for William Richardson Fox ..... 1 William Richardson Fox b: 26 Oct 1843, d: 29 Jun 1898 in Argyle Sydney ..... + Sarah Milbourn Elliott b: 1848 in Gunning, New South Wales, Australia, m: 13 Sep 1866 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, d: 19 May 1937 in Brisbane...
  15. L

    Obtain a map

    Thank you these look good also...keeping safe..boy tracing one's families can be so exhausting at times...but also so much fun and very interesting,,,,i learn someyhing new every day ..cheers Lynne:)