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Recent content by Lynne Ryan

  1. L

    Looking for info on relative

    :) Well i am on the hunt again for more Morris Family.. this time its Thomas Morris c 1770 Pembrokeshire Wales.. the Narbeth area i think .. Suppose to have married a Mary Evans in 1792 I know they had son Thomas born 1816 st issells Pembrokeshire.. any data or info would be helpful,..there is...
  2. L

    Can any one explain the meaning of

    :) Can anyone explain what it means on a birth cert, when it states (base child)regardless of male or female.. i found this on one of my welsh certs..thank you..Lynne:kissu:
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    Tolpuddle Family

    :)Some of my family roots are in Tolpuddle,we are the Ways,wilson and i have come into a bit of data and info on the martays of tolpuddle from which are my relatives, if interested email.. cheers Lynne
  4. L

    Sorry haven't been around awhile

    Iam sorry i have not been around in awhile..lots happening my side..if you need any data on Morris family Pembroke Wales.or Ways from Tolpuddle LET me know glad to share also FOXFAMILY HISTORY...have a good day Lynne:D
  5. L

    Here is a Fox Family ..may interest

    Outline Descendant Report for William Richardson Fox ..... 1 William Richardson Fox b: 26 Oct 1843, d: 29 Jun 1898 in Argyle Sydney ..... + Sarah Milbourn Elliott b: 1848 in Gunning, New South Wales, Australia, m: 13 Sep 1866 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, d: 19 May 1937 in Brisbane...
  6. L

    About A Foundling

    :) I have found a certificate or something resembling one in my gt grandmothers papers...its for my gt grandfather born 1897,it says his name Albert Williamson.. after which is wriiten (foundling)in brackets... mother, was Mary Ann Shepherd ,we name that was her name...father thomas...
  7. L

    Obtain a map

    Hello Everyone, i need a good map of wales,could someone tell me the best place i could download a good map...i mainly need south wales..cheers Lynne:)
  8. L

    Can someone help about John JAMES

    Here is what i have John James,b1824c Narbeth Pembroke married????? Elizabeth Phillips.b.1825c carmarthenshire,,,we know they had 7 children...we have children's names i;d like to find John's mother????? and father????? john was an ag.lab in kingston hill..st,michaels in 1861.. i'd also like to...
  9. L

    Looking for more information

    MORNING ALL... i am looking for some extra info ...on my great grand mother ..hoping some one can help out please.. her name martha james b.c1854..pembroke wales father john james ...mother elizabeth phillips.. married richard arthur morris would like info on mother.. have the town of...
  10. L

    Some Morley Info

    Ifound a Florence Morley death Brisbane QLD AUST ..1923 BURIED BRISBANE QLD...= queensland Also qld death 1899 a dorothy morley father john paterson morley ,mother julia ann dixon ... arthur william morley qld death 1914 harvey morley deah 1927 also Toowong burial brisbane queensland ..father wp...
  11. L

    Have you heard of LORD GREY

    :) gOING THRU MY HUSBANDS family side,i have come across a Lord Grey,my husbands side of family name Is Issac Fox,,now i found that Jamaica also has some meaning in this family.. would like what ever data i can get hold of on this line..i have some,but to complete more of his tree who was This...
  12. L

    Pensioner Guard

    Can some one tell me what a pensioner guard was...i have come across and ancestor with pensioner guard after his name..there was no rank etc :biggrin: : cheers Lynne
  13. L

    Trying to trace The JAMES

    >:D ,:mad:Trying to trace this line all from WALES maybe narbeth pembrokeshire ..what we have..is below Martha James b 1852 or there about..father John James b.1825..mother Elizabeth Phillips no birth date.also have no marriage date..on mother and father... looking to see if martha had...
  14. L

    LOOKING FOR these families

    :D :) MORNING ALL, i ham trying to put together this family side..and i have hit a brick wall,these are some names connected,so if you have any of these names some where in your family trees would you please contact,it may lead to breaking down some of my brickwalls.. WAY,I need a Elizabeth...
  15. L

    Vera Ethel Waddington

    Need help tracing Vera Ethel Waddington..she was born between 1911 and 1917 Australia ,i think Queensland..Know she married a Carr Charles Francis Fox..he died in 1942 from accident.youngest of four boys born 1942 after his death..before that there were three other children from about 1935 c...