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    Hello All

    Welcome Derek
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    Do i exist????

    If you can see your reflextion in a mirror you are probably ok :biggrin: you only get 3 days free trial :( thats a bit mean, in the uk you can get a trial of 14 or 30 days depending which offer you use and not sure if it is different in Australia but here you can access all the uk records...
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    Chelsea Pensioner

    can any one help me find this person William Thrall born 1925 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in the 1871 and 1881 census he is liveing in Mansfield again and is listed as a Chelsea Pensioner. He got married and had children in Ireland sometime before these dates. I have found online at The...
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    Boer War soldier ?

    thanks Julie, i can not get down to the NA at the moment and i have not been able to find any thing online so it looks like this is something i will have to put on hold for bit.
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    Where do i start...??

    have you got details of your grandparents or even great grandparents? If you have got their names, date of birth and hopefully an idea where they were from, it gives you a good start. If you can find them on the 1901 census it makes it easier to go back, if you have not got any details that take...
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    G day cobbers....

    welcome Darren, i have just answer your other post, if you give us some details we may be able to get you started on your search. It can take a while to figure how some of the sites work, I still keep finding new things to look at, but you quickly get hooked on this hobby. We all help each other...
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    new member

    welcome Monica, it does take time to find your feet in this hobby, there is so much to find and look at, but it soon becomes addictive. Give a shout if you need any help, we all try to help each other if we can. happy easter jane
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    Where do i start...??

    let us know what details you have and we will see if we can help and get you started on your search
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    Hi everyone

    :biggrin: Hey up duck, thanks for making me feel at home.
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    Boer War soldier ?

    I am trying to find my great grandfather George Harold simons b.1874 in Leicestershire. In the 1891 census he was 16 and still living at home but then he disappears untill 1906 when he marries my great grandmother. I have found the rest of his family on the 1901 census but not a trace of him...
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    Hi everyone

    just want to say hello to everyone. I have not been doing my family history for long and have only just found this forum but with reading some of the posts I have already found some very useful topics. Jane