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    A Couple Of Funny Lines

    For years I thought that Sherlock Holmes was a block of flats........ And that Sheffield Wednesday was a bank holiday. :confused: :) I am going to get back to my research now steve. Am having a bit of trouble reading some service records,but as you say we need a bit of a distraction from...
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    A great response p.risboy L.O.L Please excuse me I haven't got a lot to do this afternoon :2fun:
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    WW1 Request

    Hello Katie, You may also like to try posting on the Great War Forum. It is a mine of WW1 information. There might be someone that would be able to help you on there. You would have to register though. They are a friendly bunch of people. Mark.
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    I was pondering this the other night as I gazed at the celestial canopy up above me.............? Then I thought to myself.I am going to have to put a roof on this outside toilet soon.
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    Clean Funny Jokes

    Why did the pilot land his plane on top of the house? Because someone had left the LANDING LIGHT ON!!!!!!!!
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    How to start a fight

    A very funny thread. Thought I would add to it with this. Was talking with my sister the other day who said she was contemplating on having a face lift, but that it would cost a fortune to have done. Thinking for a moment I said I am sure we could get it done on the cheap.It was just a case of...
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    Hi, I'm new and have an ASC question :)

    Hello again, Having thought a little more thought since my last post,although I am not researching a soldier with the prefix "S" in front of his number. If memory serves me correctly I think he might have been involved with horse transport or the rear mount section. The "S" might stand for a...
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    Hello To All And My First Question

    Hello Julie, Thankyou for your reply am forwarding my mail Addy to you. Many thanks Mark.
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    Hi, I'm new and have an ASC question :)

    Hello Canda, I too am researching a relative who served in the A.S.C. The following may be of help to you. Is this the soldier you are researching Ethelbert Martin (Private) S/359058 ?? Have had a look on Ancestry WW1 Service Records and there is an entry for an E. Martin. Might be worth...
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    Hello To All And My First Question

    Hello pejay and mich, Sorry I have been a while in responding to your posts. Thankyou for your help and links. Since my last post I have been following various avenues of research and although haven't come up with anything really mager connected with the soldier I am reasearching I have managed...
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    Lost Records

    Hello Sue, You might like to try the following, The Soldiers and Sailors Families List Norman Holding's world War 1 Army Ancestry is a useful tool although it does contain a few errors. It might be worth trying to get hold of the Absent voters lists and see if one exists for his address in...
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    Could Anyone Help Me Please

    Hello to everyone, A VERY VERY BIG THANKYOU TO YOU ALL!!!! Thankyou for taking the time and effort to read my post and to have come up with the wonderful information on my relative. A special thankyou to Dave and Trace it is without dought,the relative and the information that we didn't have...
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    Could Anyone Help Me Please

    Hi to all, Firstly I would like to say that that my name is Mark and I am a "NEWBIE" to the forum. I am currently trying to research a relative of the family who saw service during the first world war. I have posted a message on the WW1 part of this forum but as yet no one has come up with...
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    Hello To All And My First Question

    Hello to all, My name is Mark and I have just joined. I live in Oxfordshire and have a particular passion for the Battle of The Somme. I am currently researching a family member. An uncle of my Grandmothers who saw service in the first world war.This brings me to my first question and I was...