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Recent content by marjon

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    Thanks so much Dave for your diligence in looking for this elusive fellow. We have looked through every variation we can think of. I think he just passed away at his loom in mid-weave! Possibly his death has been lost in translation, or just lost ! I will leave him to R.I.P. !!
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    Thank you all regarding this 'brick wall' - I have scouted through Scotlands People and so many permutations, even Ilson, Ielson etc. I think it has narrowed it down to before 1855 though, but still no death is recorded for him. He has just disappeared - any more help would be appreciated...
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    Hi all, sorry its taken so long to get back to you. that's life! I've been searching for an ANDREW NEILSON (sic) born 4th February 1781 in Fifeshire, Scotland, possibly around the Kettlebridge /Kingskettle area to a James ILSON and Katherine Scot(t). He married Helen Henderson 15th June...
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    Another Walton mystery?

    I have quickly done a check of the Australian Digger disks for you - Queensland, SA, Vic and Tasmania but their names did not appear. They could have gone to WA. Maybe try the Ellis Island website to see if they went to the USA? or Canadian Census after 1871? You could try South...
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    On this day.

    On this day in 1901 Queen Victoria passed away. One of my heroines, as well as the suffragettes of the time. Love strong women. :)
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    Ordered to change baby's name

    Many years ago one of my UK aunties told me she lived next door to a Salvation Army family. (don't get me wrong, I have nothing against S.A. - they do a marvellous job). One of the girls was named JOYBELLS. This girl was ridiculed and bullied by the other kids in the street (when the kids...
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    Free software Family Tree

    LEGACY is quite easy to use. There is an updated version in the pipeline for next year. You will find it on Google quite easily. Cheers
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    Free software Family Tree

    I use LEGACY 7.5 which is a free download. You can upgrade to a deluxe version which will cost you something (not sure what) but the standard version is enough for anyone starting out. I'm not sure what you mean by on line unless you mean something like Ancestry trees. Reunion can be...
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    another name for AGNES

    thanks Barbara - I will send you the information on the 61 and 71 census if you could send me an email address to send to you (privately) if possible. I had a look at the Coldstream Bridge Marriages (only 80 survived I think) - as mentioned previously, I had a look at all the River Tweed...
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    another name for AGNES

    thank you Barbara - I would be so pleased if you could find something (anything!) = here are the details below := George Burn (1785/1861) and Agnes Telford's(1800/1880) children were all baptised : John Burn b. 1824 OR 1826 Cornhill on Tweed Joseph Burn b. 1827 Cornhill Mary (Anne) Burn b.1830...
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    another name for AGNES

    thanks for replies. I have found the Telford/Telfer name is intertwined and I also found quite a few Ann Telford/Telfer entries in the Borders area. First child born 1825/1826 in Wooler to George and Agnes and they are possibly Scottish Naming Patterned. Agnes father may have been Joseph...
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    another name for AGNES

    I have gone grey with looking for my gg grandmother Agnes Telford born circa 1800 in Scotland over the last 20 years or so, without success - could she have a different name to Agnes? Would Ann be Agnes? Would she have a completely different name to what is shown in the census? All I know is...
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    Leefers Top Twenty.

    I wonder what #2 and the big #1 will be? Mmm. :confused:
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    Looking for Amelia VELILIA?

    I do apologise Dave - I meant to write more information - got sidetracked with an emergency at home. (my hubby drove his manual ute into the garage doors causing damage!!). (don't ask!!). Barbarajoh found a Scottish marriage for me last week - James Burns marrying Margaret Kenna in 1896...
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    Familysearch .. what have they done

    I totally agree with you all - I used to find lots of good hits with the old IGI - it was so easy to use. Now after the LDS have taken years to put this new program together, it really stretches the brain to find out anything. I too find all the American stuff comes up first, even though I...