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Recent content by mark laughton

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    Harold Thorpe / RNR records

    Thank you very much Geoff. I’d completely forgotten about the Lynwood Ave connection - just picking this up again after a year away from it. So it’s a high possibility H was the 3rd person at that address, as you note. And I guess the Olive Malcolm (witness on marriage certificate) is his...
  2. M

    Harold Thorpe / RNR records

    Hi Emeltom Thanks for this. Yes, my working assumption is that Lucy Jane Parker is Horace’s mother, though I’m struggling to find anything else to actually corroborate that, other that it seems to fit, and I can’t find alternative possible matches. I actually have his (assumed) birth...
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    Harold Thorpe / RNR records

    Thanks Geoff. Reminder noted. We believe Horace (possibly known as Harry) to have been born 31 Dec 1918, so don’t expect to be alive. Heck - just realised he’d be 100 in 2 days time! That had escaped my notice...
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    Harold Thorpe / RNR records

    Hi I’ve been researching a close friends family history for the last year now but I’m completely at a dead end with her maternal grandfather, and therefore that entire leg of her tree. I have his marriage certificate (att.) but he disappeared a few years later, after my friends mother (his...