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Recent content by martmont

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    Hello every one two & three

    I have been there and back to see how far it is, and boy it's far. So now I am back, I am not going to stay up til 2am in the morning. My eyelids have changed shape to accommodate the slow transformation of my eye balls to an eye cubes! but I am back for a spell and look forward to meeting up...
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    Hello Julie, thanks for that information on Dorothy Dann nee Roper. I bumped into a couple at a market and her mum was a Dorothy May Dann!! here in the Cape! (it would seem) that she is related/cousin to my husband. I will also try on Facebook, although mostly youngsters are on face book and...
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    Dann & I'm back!

    Hello, Yep, I have my shovel and I'm digging. I so would like to find out about Ernest Dann's siblings. Here goes:is it possible to find out about the births of children to the following: Leonard Dann b. 1901 married Maude......? in November 1921. I am not sure if Leonard died in 1943 or...
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    How could I be so ill mannered?

    Sorry, I 4got 2 introduce myself.. I live in South Africa and I manage a Holiday Home on the Cape Whale Coast. I have 3 dogs and a husband, who had to pay someone (government) for me to take on his family name of Dann! don't you just love it...? anyhow, life happens and I'm trying to help him...
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    Joseph Dann

    Hello Every one (& every two, in case I left you out!). I am trying to trace the Dann family from Nottingham. Namely Joseph Dann and I do not know who he married! what I do know is they sired 6 children, Ernest, Alfred, Frederick, Kitty,Rose & Polly Dann. Joseph Dann may have been a tailor by...