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Recent content by marto65

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    Probate when dying intestate?

    Thanks for the info, Dave and Duckweed, that helps a lot. Unfortunately, Duckweed, the probate papers I have don't show whether my man's family approved or disapproved of his application to be executor. From the very little I know of this man, I have a lingering doubt about him and his...
  2. M

    Probate when dying intestate?

    Researching the wills and probate records for a particular family in my tree, I have found that the youngest son applied to be executor of the estate on the deaths of a number of his elder siblings who died intestate. There were older siblings still alive at the time. I was wondering if anyone...
  3. M

    Will "I hereby exclude all others"

    I've obtained a number of wills in my family tree hunt. They are all for family in Tyrone in Northern Ireland. One important one lists all the children as beneficiaries except for the eldest child. At the end the parent says "I hereby exclude all others not mentioned in above will from any...