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Recent content by marymog

  1. marymog

    hermanus jan reinders

    H here you got him http://www.nikhef.nl/~louk/REIN/generation7.html Dutch is similar to Africaans, so you should be able to translate it, just give a kick if you need help understanding it mm
  2. marymog

    any art experts on here?

    Hows about this http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/George-Frederick-Watts/Portrait-Study-Of-A-Girl-With-Red-Hair.html mm
  3. marymog

    Elizabeth ? b.1828

    Hi Steve, See what you mean, he drops his J down under the line, so it cant be Jones. Looks like Ives as well. I cant make any other name out of it. The first letter could be I, but it could also be S, except no name comes out of a word beginning with S. mm
  4. marymog

    Elizabeth ? b.1828

    hi Steve it looks like Jones to me mm
  5. marymog

    Annie Harrison

    Hi If you email the register office with this information, maybe they can throw some light on it. It has been missed out on the BMDs(this happens). When people register a child and arent married, they usually make two entries. One in the name of the father and one in the name of the mother...
  6. marymog

    problem Grandma!

    Hi There have you tried looking for a Marianne. I had the name Mary Ann in early censuses, and they didnt really distinguish between Mary Ann and Maryann/Marianne. because I suppose it was to do with being unable to write. Mary Ann sounds like Marianne if you are dictating names to the local...
  7. marymog

    Annie Harrison

    Hi Dennis, Looks like they didnt marry, probably one or the other was already married. There was no law to stop a man giving a child his name, it was encouraged then he had to support the child of course. If they were living together,(or apart) and the man claims parentage, then the child takes...
  8. marymog

    Annie Harrison

    Hi Just thinking of scenarios. I know in London(from my lot, they invented the word illegitimate:biggrin: ) Midwives and Workhouses always made sure that the illegitimate births were registered(probably some code of conduct or law or something). What if Mary Ann was from Leeds. Was sent away...
  9. marymog

    Annie Harrison

    Hi Dennis I think I may have found them on the 1911 Marriages Jun 1905 HARRISON Annie - WARD Ernest - Leeds 9b/ 969 1911 census has them living in Leeds ERNEST WARD 1871 age 40 ANNE WARD 1886 age 25 THOMAS HARRISON WARD 1906 age 5 HILDA WARD 1907 age 4 KATE WARD 1909 age 2...
  10. marymog

    Annie Harrison

    Hi There just found this on the web,(googled balfour institute smithdown road) i have cut away from number 1 to 94 ******quote****** Below is the first part of Smithdown Road from the back of Old Ordnance Survey Map for Allerton about 1905. Sorry, but I don't have any further information...
  11. marymog


    Hi you could give this place a try, they may have records Wiltshire County Council Social Services Department County Hall Bythesea Road Trowbridge Wiltshire BA14 8JG Tel: 01225 752198 (Trowbridge, West Wilts areas) 01722 333552 ( Salisbury and Kennet areas) 01249 460222...
  12. marymog


    Hi this fella has a same mothers maiden name...right county Name: Brian A S Bailey Mother's Maiden Surname: Taylor Date of Registration: Jul Aug Sep 1939 Registration district: Weymouth Registration county: Wiltshire Volume Number: 5a Page Number: 537 mm
  13. marymog

    hello all

    Hi Sterico O0 Mary
  14. marymog

    hello all

    Julie know the feeling. birth and marriage certs are like lottery tickets. I have enough to paper my shed, from such awful surnames like Bell,King,and Perry. They were managable when they still lived in villages, but when they moved up to the smoke:D :o .....always say could be worse, could be...
  15. marymog


    Hi Linda welcome and good luck Mary