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Recent content by merle9

  1. M

    birth father

    Hi Julie, thank you, thank you. I appreciate so much the help that you give me. You answered so quickly!!I am finally back into the family history again. Can't stay away too long. I will check out the info and see if I can put this picture together. Kind regards Merle.
  2. M

    birth father

    Hi again, I would like to know how you find out the name of the father of an unmarried woman's children. This is a real mystery to me. I'm still trying to work out Mary Nixon's story. On the 1881 census she is unmarried but, has three children. What does Gr mean?. This is written after each...
  3. M

    mary nixon

    Hello all, it has been a fair while since I have posted here. Life gets like that sometimes.I wish you all the best for 2008. I am trying to find out something about Mary Nixon. She would have been around six years of age on the 1861 census. She was born in Ryton, Durham England. Problem is I...
  4. M

    merchant ship "heatherside"

    Hi Julie, thank you so much again for your help. I have spent hours trying to find out info. Your help is very much appreciated. This is such a great site. I am glad I finished up here!! Kind regards Merle.
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    merchant ship "heatherside"

    Hi, am trying to find out about this ship the Heatherside. My grandfather was a crew member 3 engineer. The dates are from 1913 to 1914. It's port of calls were, date and place of discharge, barry, description of voyage bordeaux. Date and place of discharge, no: shields, description of voyage...
  6. M

    robert pattinson and mary nixon.

    Hi again Julie, Robert's age is also correct too. He is listed on the 1891 census as 38 years old. Mary is listed as 36 years old. Seems too much of a coincidence !!. Looks like you could have the right couple.Once again thanks. Kind regards Merle.
  7. M

    robert pattinson and mary nixon.

    Hi Julie, thank you so much for checking this out for me. I would be grateful if you could dig a bit deeper for me. I have the 1891 census and, Mary is listed here as wife of Robert. Their oldest child is Ellen, aged 15 years.This would make her age correct. Kind regards, Merle.
  8. M

    robert pattinson and mary nixon.

    Hello, trying to find a marriage place for Robert Pattinson and Mary Nixon. Robert was born Stanley, Durham. civil parish Tanfield, ecclesiastical parish Beamish, town Havannah. His birth is about 1853. Mary was born about 1855. Birth place Greenside, Durham. Civil parish Tanfield...
  9. M

    new here

    Hello everyone. This is my first time here and, I am sure once I find my way around I will enjoy my stay here very much. I am from Australia but, all my Dad's family including him were born in England. I have found out a fair bit about his family but, I have to be sure info is correct. Kind...