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Recent content by Mich

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    WW1 Miners

    Thanks for the link Steve, have just watched the episode. Quite fascinating. I wonder how many people think that the mud was unique to the war period? It's still as bad now judging by the state the TimeTeam were in when they resurfaced. I suppose working below sea level wouldn't help either...
  2. M

    Hello To All And My First Question

    Hi, not sure if I can help exactly but I was in the same position as you when I was trying to research my gf's role in WW1, he signed up in Sept or Oct of 1914. All I knew at this time was that he served with the King's Royal Rifles. I have his ID card or some sort of card anyway and on it, it...
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    WW1 Miners

    Can you remember what the TV programme was called and what channel it was on, P.risboy? I hope it is repeated or maybe a DVD is available? My gf was a miner and he fought at the Battle of Menin Road Ridge during Sept 1917. He actually fought in many battles along the Somme and the rest of the...
  4. M

    Elusive Marriage & Birth details for Osborn

    Thank you Robesur, gortonboy and Maddie for your contributions. Yes Robesur, I did find 2 other Osborn Keely's in Norfolk. I think one of them was an illeg.child to one of Osborn's sisters. I haven't been able to prove this so far. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this if he wasn't...
  5. M

    Elusive Marriage & Birth details for Osborn

    Thanks Juliejtb for that. I do have a lot of info. regarding him and Hannah however, I am trying to ascertain if they are the same person. That's why I am trying to trace either Keely Osborn's marriage to Elizabeth plus his birth in Chatteris. If neither of these can be found then it looks...
  6. M

    Elusive Marriage & Birth details for Osborn

    Hello there, I am having a big problem with one of my ancestors, KEELY OSBORN - various spellings have been seen Keeley, Osborne etc. On all his census forms he stated he was born in Chatteris, Cambs c 1848 but I haven't been able to track down a birth or bap. for him never mind a marriage...