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Recent content by mikeparker3185

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    Marriage ages

    hi John, a good book to have is 'Starting your Family History' by Margaret Ward ISBN 1 85306885 3 price £5:99. Its full of all sorts of great info to help you. The answer to your question is that upto 1929 boys could marry from 14 and girls from 12 and after 1929 the age was fixed at 16 for...
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    Alfred william Wright to Lillian Shepherd

    Ben, thanks again for trying to find this marraige.As far as we know to date he was not in the forces. We believe he was born in Clerkenwell, London and moved to Grantham as a young child and married a 'Clara' who we believe died in 1916. As he and Lillian settled in Leeds some time after that...
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    Alfred william Wright to Lillian Shepherd

    hi Benny, thanks for diggging. Lillian died aged 37 and Alfred was 56.So far we think Lillian was born in Stepney and all pointers seem to confirm that.However finding and matching her to Alfred Wright is another story,hence the marraige jobby.Cheers Mike
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    Alfred william Wright to Lillian Shepherd

    I am looking for the marraige of Alfred William Wright and Lillian Jane Shepherd. It is thought they met in London abt 1917/8 and married before 1927 when Lillian died. They lived in Leeds West Yorkshire from 1917/8 to 1927 and Alfred died in Leeds in 1940