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  • Hi Moppett
    That sounds quite complicated, Hard to sat really without further information. Try and find out as much as you can from the doctors. Best wishes
    Hi Ellie, thankyou for your reply. Sadly to say that the Hospital/Gp aren't treating my troubles in my right leg, to tell the truth I'm feeling down as they find more wrong with me,and at night I sit here thinking how to resolved this matter and I look at all my pills and think the time i take all these, I would be dead, and caused very little troubles to anyone one, but the pills are just sitting their still, something holds me back from them......This is just my feelings ok. Yes I have my fathers medal now, I'm not to sure now to post it on here, but looking...David.
    Hi David,
    it's strange that your other foot is now infected, I take it they are treating it?- I'm sorry you're having such bad luck.

    I think it's fantastic news that you've been awarded the general service medal and canal zone, I would be really interested to see any photos, if you'd like to post them.
    Take care of your self.
    things aren't progressing right at the moment things are starting to get me down yet again, after losing my leg the first time I was thinking that I could fight this, So I took it upon myseft to force my body into doing things that it wasn't fit for, and rush around doing things and not thinking as I should of, and got my leg within weeks. Now I'm faced with more problems and more infections and all I can do is watch the infections creep up my foot, but the hospital has said that they would removed the foot after christmas. I had a special test done not sure what it was called but they think the infection is cuased to ants where if bitten ie by a red ant the foot would go numb and bluish coluor, well my foot is very dark blue painless and creeping up and over foot. All toes blue. Any ideas, from your trianing. regards David.
    They cannot pin the leg due to the break being to high up, towards the knee so that meants the leg has to come off above that. As for my right leg that has infection in the bone below the knee, to clear this and stop it causing me facing pills and pain, again this will meant for it to be removed, I can't face all this again, and I have very faith in the hospital, They should of seen this infection way back, as they think it's been their since my accident back in 2004, but cannot give me honest answer's, so much for blood tests they do. Well much more thinking to do. thank you for being their for me...david
    Hi David,
    Thank you for your message I was wondering how you were getting on. I'm sorry to hear your bad news David, it saddens me to think you've had another set back. If you do have the operation you'll hopefully be able to have your new leg. Have they stated the reasons why they think your other leg won't support you?
    David I know this is a very dark time for you and your family, so don't apologise I wouldn't expect you to be happy about this traumatic situation. As you've only recently had this information, maybe you'd be better having some time to think about it and decide what you feel is right for you. I know it's difficult to be positive but I think from what you've said you're possibly still in shock. Take your time and don't be afraid to go back to the hospital and ask questions and tell them how you feel. Take care of yourself.
    I'll support you as much as I can.
    Best wishes,
    Hi David
    Thanks for your message, I had a nice birthday thank you. I'm not sure about the meter situation, I've not heard of any problems as reagards limited use before, I will check it out for you though and get back to you ASAP.
    Hope you're okay
    hi David,
    I'm sorry to hear about your week, you really are having a hard time at the moment.Take care.
    Hi david
    It is good that you have appologised to Ozn. I think we all have great simpathy with your health issues and wish you well. I am also sure that your appology will be treated as the end of the matter and we can all get on with what we like best, searching for our illusive rellies.
    Hi David,

    We have adjusted your comments here on your profile, to save any embarrassment on both sides.

    We hope you appreciate that none of the members or moderators on this site are paid - we are all working to help each other out - in their free time and freely.

    Many people struggle to find their ancestors - hence exactly why www.familyhistory.uk.com came into being - to help each other.

    All the very best in your research,
    To all members.

    I have notice that you have all seen my details. I have been kind and open to you all, and ask for help of my family tracing

    David Moppett
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