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Recent content by MudgeeClarke

  1. MudgeeClarke


    I am researching Alfred CLARK, my G G Uncle, who was born in or around Fulbourn, Cambs UK 1836 and died at Impington Cambs in 1920. I would really like to find some family history of his descendants, in the hope that they may be able to shed light on my G GF Richard CLARKE (with the E)...
  2. MudgeeClarke

    DNA and Family History

    I've been "doing a lot of reading". eek) I know that DNA use for Family History research does not produce names, places, dates and whatever, but I find the possibilities for seeing clusters of the same family lines etc. quite fascinating. And there is also the small chance that someone else...
  3. MudgeeClarke

    Which William?

    William CLARKE married Mary HANCOCK 15 Sep, 1800 in All Saint's at FULBOURN Cambs UK. (From the Parish Register). Both were shown 'otp', so William must have already been in Fulbourn for a while. William was buried Jun 23 1834 at Fulbourn - "aged 57", so +/- 1777 is his birth year. I do not...
  4. MudgeeClarke

    Finding Street Address from 1841 Census UK

    OK, this is a newbie question, so please be gentle ... ;-) I've searched the Census often, and always found a street reference somewhere. Not this time. re: 1841 Census, Cambs UK, FULBOURN HO107 Piece 67 Book 3 Page 8 is at the top left of the page Page 7 is at the bottom left corner of the...
  5. MudgeeClarke

    Little Wilbraham, Cambs UK

    Little Wilbraham in Cambridgeshire is a small village just outside of Cambridge UK, and a short distance from Great Wilbraham and Fulbourn. There is a very old church there, St. John's. Question: When it comes to looking for Parish Records 1700-1800, what Parish is Little Wilbraham part of...
  6. MudgeeClarke

    CLARKE, Little Wilbraham, CAMBS UK

    From Family Search: William Clark, 9 May 1778 - christened in Little Wilbraham (in Cambridgeshire UK). His parents are shown - William and Mary Clark. Church of England, so most likely St John's in Little Wilbraham. Film no.990398 (System Origin: England - ODM Indexing Project: J13841-1) (I...
  7. MudgeeClarke

    Workhouse in Cambridge, UK, 1840-1850

    I have an 1851 Cambridge County Gaol prison record that shows a 19 yrs old inmate was previously: Quote "twice summarily convicted of misconduct in a workhouse". Unquote Based on dates and age 18/19 when in the County Gaol, I would think these acts of misconduct probably happened in the...
  8. MudgeeClarke

    UK Prison System in the 1850s

    Hello. Although not a beginner in the truest sense, I am certainly a beginner researching HM Prisons and prisoner records. :-) Can anyone help with this, or give me a shove in the right direction: I see in the Criminal Registers Archive for Cambridge (England & Wales, Criminal Registers...
  9. MudgeeClarke

    CLARKE HANCOCK HART in Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire

    I am TRYING TO FIND the UK details of just one person : Richard CLARKE born 1831/1832, most probably in Cambridgeshire, son of an Eliza and [Blank]. This is a long post, but I want to lay out what I know, to save unnecessary searching. Working backwards, this is what I know: Fact: NSW Death...
  10. MudgeeClarke

    LOOK UP Please. Richard CLARKE, b. c 1832 Cambridge, Stroud, Gloucestershire

    LOOK UP Please. Richard CLARKE, b. c 1832 in or near Cambridge, Stroud, Gloucestershire UK Parents John CLARKE and Eliza(beth) HANCOCK Clarke. I'm not having much luck finding my GGF Richard CLARKE in or around Cambridge in Cambridgeshire. :confused: I do have a short entry written by him...
  11. MudgeeClarke

    1841 LOOK UP PLEASE. Eliza(beth) HANCOCK CLARK(E)

    Searching for the death record of Eliza HANCOCK or Eliza CLARK(E) especially in the period 1832-1841 in or around Cambridge, UK. Possibly the wife of a John CLARKE, and mother of Richard CLARKE. An Eliza HANCOCK CLARKE was the mother of my Brickwall, Richard CLARKE. I am not certain she was...
  12. MudgeeClarke

    Sarah Ann POOLEY, 28, Glove Maker of Ilford, living in Cambridge 1851

    Sarah Ann POOLEY, 28, Glove Maker b. Ifford Essex (*not Ilford), in Cambridge 1851 According to the 1851 Census, Sarah Ann POOLEY, 28, Glove Maker, b. IFFORD, Essex, (****Edited - not ILFORD as originally typed) was living in Cambridge (??in Judge Passage??) at the census date. She had a...
  13. MudgeeClarke

    How can I tell which Church? Who do I ask for more detail?

    Hello: See the attachment for detail. SO, I have a Baptism record. And I want to actually know what is really in the church record e.g. is the mother really a Delany or another maiden name. Is Kitty a family name for Catherine, etc. How can I find the actual church? And are there actual...
  14. MudgeeClarke

    Bricane, Dunkerrin Parish, Co. Tipperary, Irl.

    See the thread at http://www.forum.familyhistory.uk.com/showthread.php?t=7458 I found a Ballybricane, but not a Bricane, in Parish Dunkerrin, Co. Tipperary. Do you know if this is the same place? Thanks, Colin
  15. MudgeeClarke

    DELANEY, TIERNEY, in TempleHARRY, Ireland

    Seeking information on Catherine DELANEY, daughter of Andrew DELANEY and Catherine CORMACK, b. c1835/6. TIERNEY cousins in same area. Dunkerrin mentioned. RC. See below link: http://www.forum.familyhistory.uk.com/showthread.php?t=7458